Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gage - One week old letter

Dear Gage, Happy One Week of Life! Wednesday, December 16, 2009 at 12:30pm

So, yesterday you turned one week old. Coincidentally, it was also the best night of sleep you and I have had since I brought you home. You slept from 10-3 and 4:30-9. Do you realize thats more than NINE HOURS of sleep?? Thank you!! But, your dad was a little disappointed since he didnt get to hold you before he went to work today.

You're already getting heavier, and your cheeks are getting fuller. Of course, mommy loves the cheeks, so no complaints from me. You're pretty easy to deal with, and your daddy and I love you soo much. Even if you weren't easy to deal with, we would still love you, of course!

Tomorrow I will be turning 25. My dream was to have my first baby by this time. I have to say, being married to your daddy and making you have made all my dreams come true. Aunt Suzanne will be watching you while daddy and I go out. But, I promise to miss you a LOT! Daddy made arrangements because he's so thoughtful and loving.

You are very alert, always looking around. I put you in your bouncer for the first time, and your eyes glazed over with all there was to take in, with the hanging toys and such. You won't really take a pacifier, but your dad got you to take one for a bit last night. I think you're going to listen to him more than me. But, that's ok. You always calm down when he talks, even if he isn't talking directly to you. I love watching him hold you, your matching blonde heads close together. And, we are always stealing kisses on your cheeks, even when you're fussy. It pisses you off when you're waiting to eat, and I am munching on your fingers, but you probably won't let me do that when you're in college.

When you wake up early to eat, and I know we only have a couple more hours til the day starts, I let you fall asleep on my chest instead of putting you back in your bassinet after I burp you. I know you'll be too big way too soon, and I don't want to miss out on any cuddle time with you. We will only have these moments with you once.

Nothing made me happier than holding you for the first time, and I swear it was an eternity before they brought you to me. You weren't exactly breathing and screaming heartily when you were born, and they had to make sure you were going to be alright. You had the cord wrapped around your neck twice (however did you manage that?!!?) when you were born. Your heartbeat was always fine, but you struggled to breathe and about 9 nurses rushed in to see you. That was the longest wait, waiting to hear you cry. Waiting to hold you. But there you were, and here you are now.

I love you, Gage. I love you for always and I am the luckiest mommy in the world. Happy one week!