Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gage Fourteen/Fifteen Month Letter

Dear Wolfgang Munsterman,
First of all, your dad randomly called you that for a full day last week, and I have no idea why, but, hey I needed another nickname for this letter. So, here we are.

Over the last two months, you might have noticed that I skipped writing you every single month...partly because the developments are a little less on a month to month basis, and mostly because I am just that busy chasing your insanely energetic body everywere.

First of all, let me say THE CLIMBING. Oh,the climbing. You are such a little climber monkey and you're starting to scare me a little bit. You love to stand on the chair next to your bed where I sit and cuddle with you during your bedtime bottle of milk and climb over the rail of your crib and flip into the bed. You can only do that if the side is down (yes we have a crib with a side that lowers eventhough I'm sure there was a recall on most brands of them - we like to live on the edge). And I don't let you even attempt to get OUT of the crib, because I'm sure after you successfully do it once, what very little peace of mind I have will be gone.
You also seem to enjoy climbing into the dining room chairs. And, I have no real problem with that, except that you then feel entitled to climb all over the dining room TABLE. The Ethan Allen solid dark cherry one that cost more than my anesthesiologist bill from your birth.

You want to feed yourself with UTENSILS now. And, while I was fine handing you a spoon to scoop thick foods, I was a little wary of handing you a fork...but you've done really well, and I am proud of you. Because as cute as your messy hand feeding is, I prefer to see you eating in this slightly more civilized fashion. Especially at restaurants.

You have been bit by your friend a couple of times, and we all felt really bad for you. But, this past couple of weeks, you have, unfortunately, evened the score and bit him as well. The last time you bit him, I bit your arm so hard I felt a little guilty later. You haven't bitten anyone but yourself since. Which brings me to....

You've JUST started biting your own hand when you get frustrated. You have really turned on the temper tantrums in the past month, and your anger level seems to be rising. I know you're getting old enough to want your own way, and know what you want, but not quite old enough to express it clearly. Or even very well. When you bite your hand, I take it and gently say "no bite. kissies!" and give your hand several kisses. I am trying to teach you to say "I'm MAD" when you're having a tantrum. Maybe you'll figure out the meaning and be able to express your frustration more soon. Sometimes you're just being a brat, but there are times when we can tell you're genuinely frustrated and just want to be able to say "it" whatever "it" is that's bothering you. Great segue into...

All the things you're saying now. Here's a list of what we can brainstorm and think of:
Noah (NoNo)
Hannah - much more clearly now
Papa (for Grandpa Gary)
Meyme (Baby)
Night Night
Red Bull

And, I think there are some I left off that you've been using for a while, and I'm sure there are some that I can't remember. The point is: you're talking a LOT. You still ramble incoherently (quite similar to myself in fact) and don't really put sentences together, but we're super proud. People have commented on how clearly to say the words that you use. Meaning, not just your parents know what you're saying.

You are so funny and love to laugh and do silly things that make us laugh. You give kisses and almost give real hugs now. But, you still don't care to be restrained much. You can throw a ball and have started kicking a ball occasionally. You can climb and slide at the park. You love the bath tub and will blow bubbles with your face in the water and lay on your tummy and float around if I get the water level high enough for you.

You're starting to be a little pickier about food, and have completely quit baby food and cereal. It made me sad when you started to refuse your cereal. You HAVE been eating it for almost a year now though...

You are such a joy, even with your new attitude problems. Your top molars are almost in, and your bottom gums look swollen. Awesome for all of us! More teeth. :)

I love you with all my mommy heart and I will always do whatever it takes to make sure your world is safe. Your daddy and I are so proud of you and couldn't be happier or more blessed than we are to have such a sweet, energetic, awesome little monster like you for our precious baby.

Love, Mommy