Wednesday, February 22, 2012

29 1/2 weeks

Getting closer to baby arrival time! Are we prepared? For having a baby, yes. We've done it before. I'm not too concerned about the hows and whats of having another kid. But, like, prepared as in do I have all his cute little baby stuff out and the nursery put together? Not so much. But, I can vouch that Curtis is the kind of guy who can whip the room together in a weekend. Mostly it requires furniture re-arranging. A FAVORITE hobby of mine, but a big "No-No" in my current state. I would seriously like to have a garage sale and just purge some things. However, organizing a garage sale at this point in the game might be a little bit too much.

I am terribly excited because my best friend is having her baby TOMORROW. They're doing a c-section for everyone's safety. I think it's bizarre to know you're going to walk in and have a baby on a certain day. I like to plan, but personally it would make me panic more knowing "THIS IS THE DAY". I appreciate the unexpectedness of going into labor. Of course, let's not forget that I'm the clueless mother who didn't realize she was in labor when it first started. This time, I plan on hanging out at home, eating and watching Netflix until I can't handle it anymore.

Speaking of Netflix...I've been watching episodes of Weeds over the last few weeks. I'm into Season 4. I'll make this complaint: Season 3 randomly had a ton of hardcore nudity (see: men's penises) and Season 4 has been just as traumatic. However, something about watching a show where a suburban house wife who is suddenly widowed and sells pot to her affluent neighbors forces me to accept that it might be expected to see all those naked people. This is where I am thankful that Netflix has fast forward. I've also decided if I were in that situation: suddenly a widow with two sons and no other family to turn to, I might sell weed too. It's better than becoming a stripper, right? Curtis argues that this is clearly NOT an option for me, but I'm amused nonetheless. Just to cover my butt: I do not currently, nor have I ever purchased or sold drugs to or from anyone. I would absolutely pass a drug test any day of the week. Moving on...

I had some crazy weird dreams last where I had Gage and my mom was there, but no new baby and no Curtis. And, these two mean looking Hispanic men were kicking us out of the nice house we lived in and only gave us like 10 minutes to get our stuff and go. This is a DIRECT result of watching Weeds. And, yet, I find myself intrigued by the story. I'm sure I'm a horrible person for watching a show with a weed dealing mom and naked people.

The other dream I had last night was that I had already had baby #2 and forgot about it. So, I was going to leave somewhere with Gage and realized I wasn't pregnant anymore and went and found the baby in the carseat carrier. And then I fed the baby and he was fine. But, it made me feel really horrible.

 I think my biggest fear right now is figuring out how to juggle two kids and share my attention. I realize that sort of thing works itself out, but last night Gage woke up a couple of times, crying because he was scared of the Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs. So, we had to take turns talking to him about it and I ended up laying down with him for a little while so he wouldn't continue to worry. I remember being terrified as a kid because I had this overactive imagination and could picture scary faces and stuff I had seen in movies or masks at Halloween. That being said, I don't want to baby Gage about it, but I certainly understand his fear. He has my photographic memory and my imagination. Poor kid. At least it makes him really smart and will help him if he wants to do something creative as a career.

We went and had our sonogram yesterday. Baby #2 is still a boy, and he's a very healthy one. We saw all his organs and she measured his head and thigh bones and belly. Just made sure everything looked good, and it did. Curtis commented that it's not something he takes lightly. I know I took it for granted. I just assumed he was perfectly healthy, but it really is a huge blessing that he's got everything in the right place and is growing normally. Another handsome little boy to love. I'm delighted. (Not looking to all the farting that will go on over the next 18 years in my house though.) He was playing with his feet, which would explain the constant use of my belly button for target practice. Tiny toes and fingers poking me dead center in the belly. Cute even though sort of creepy if you think too hard about it. I think he looks like Gage did in his sonogram pics.

Gag me. Someone ordered Chinese food for lunch and it's stinking up my office.