Thursday, August 26, 2010

Down to the Wire, "CLETUS!" And, yes that's my eye twitching

Thursday...Wow. I realized how busy I've been when my sister in law posted on my facebook wall simply "Why so quiet today?" Curtis said "because you usually live on here". Smarty pants!

Well, I made The PW Apple Dumplings from Heaven for MOPS and I made triple her recipe so I could have enough for like EVERYONE. And, they were amazing. Yes, anything made with two whole sticks of butter and 1 1/2 cups of sugar must be good for my heart and hips. I gave up on being the same size I was before Gage. Before I was married actually. And, I won't sit here and make you all angry at me for complaining that I am not a size zero anymore. But, hey, you have to understand because if you're not the same size as before you had kids, we're in the same boat whether you want to smack me with the paddle or not.

MOPS meeting was great. I made the unfortunate decision to GET TRICKED INTO sharing about 43 different facts about myself with the whole group thanks to my excessive use of toilet paper. When I told Curtis he was like, "I know that wasn't HARD for you to do". Then he asked what all I had shared. Pssshhhh, as IF! What happens at MOPS stays at MOPS (thanks, Pam!).

I went and got only about 2 hours of work done at the BIL's. And, Gage put himself down for a nap again over there. He DID poop beforehand, and I was faced with a parenting dilemma. I know he's sleeping in his own poop, should I wake him? However, my BIL said it's just like when you go in there after a nap and you realize they pooped, except you already know. So, Gage slept in his poo filled diaper, and was totally fine with that.

Maybe I am lame for being late in noticing, but Gage is all of a sudden getting a tooth in on the top. Yes, A tooth. Not both in at once, like he did on the bottom. My kid is getting ONE tooth on the top left. Meaning, I will have to start referring to him at Cletus if he only has one tooth on top for a while. I'm hoping the other top tooth will come in soon after. Because I will have to put him in overalls with one strap broken and marry him off to a cousin if he looks like a hill billy.

Today I dropped off Gage at my other sister in law's and then went to the church to decorate my MDO room for a couple of hours. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped though. I DID get to use the die cutter, and that was exciting. I could cut out shapes all day with that thing. Letters too. Oh small joys!

Still so much to pack. Shoot me now. Or, just come help me pack and don't shoot me. Curtis packed his "knick knacks"/collectibles today, so I am not as stressed, because I promised him and myself and anyone else who will listen that I am NOT packing that crap myself. There's not THAT much stuff. But, I think we could use some more boxes...and Tequila.

Don't expect much up an update til next week, friends!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I feel like I have made headway with the packing. I've been doing it for 2 weeks now. But, there's still a lot to be done. And, today is Tuesday...and we move Saturday. But, I've got other stuff going on, and it's hard to pack with a curious baby who enjoys pulling things OUT of boxes. I've packed all the stuff we don't use regularly. I've been a bit more sensible, throwing away junk, sorting things to donate and keeping it minimalistic and all that. There's too much going on here right now to share more. Perhaps another day, my friends!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I had to sneak one in

Just wanted to sneak in an update. Work went well last week, doing part time help for the BIL's (brother in law) insurance business. I felt good because I was making calls to people and several were interested and even called back when I left a message to get a quote from him. So, I felt like it was successful, in drumming up some possible business for him. Also, Gage sleeps well at their house because it's family. He naps in the P 'n' P (pack 'n' play) after lunch and I can't believe how much he doesn't need me anymore. I DO sneak in the cuddles occasionally.

Guys, you KNOW how crazy I am about his naps and 7pm bedtime. So, you'll be shocked to know that I let him stay up til 8:30 last night because we were at a friends house, and another couple we're friends with had their 2 year old daughter there and Gage is all social, so we let him stay up and play. But, here's the kicker. We set up the P 'n' P in their bedroom and I took him up there, cuddled and said prayers with him like always, and decided to lay him down awake like we do at home. And, I literally RAN downstairs to see if he would cry - because I figured he would. Guess what? He DIDN'T. I heard him rolling around for a few mins, never a peep, and he went to sleep. He's also working on the first few chapters of his second novel.

When we left, of course he woke up, but I rocked him again at home and put him down. When he woke up at 2:30am, I just got him and brought him to bed with us, since I felt bad for waking him up to leave our friends' house. (also, this is where I sneak in cuddling these days) Can you believe the world did not cave in when I woke him up? I know! I won't do that but every couple of months at the most because I don't want to wreck his sleep. Who likes being woken up in the middle of the night? Not me....oh wait, Gage, that's called payback! No, not really. But, we put him to bed at 6:20 tonight because he was tired, and he's all sleeping in his diaper so cute and sweet right now.

I will be helping out as the 3 year old class teacher at MDO starting in 2 weeks. I am excited about this final decision, because as much as I would have enjoyed being the music teacher, it would have meant going into Gage's class, and I don't want him to see me come and go, and develop some annoying issue right now. He's in such a state of development, I don't want to foster or develop any bad habits for him. So, I am thrilled to have a part time schedule where I can BRING my son to work every day, and have a little extra money to set aside for us.

By the way, this kid is like 2 sounds away from talking. He's started all these new sounds in the past week. Like he's trying out the letters to see how they feel. He's got the "b" and the hard "c" sound, he's always had the hard "g" sound - probably from hearing his own name so much. Sometimes I swear he's about to say "puppy". He has recognition of words and things, but hasn't repeatedly applied the same sounds to a thing, so I can't say he's said his first word yet. If you want to get technical, about 2 1/2 months ago, he repeated "hello" back to a stranger at the grocery store, and all three of us (my mother was there as well) were surprised and agreed it sure as heck sounded like he said hello right back to that lady in the green dress. He also said "baaa" today when I took him into the bathroom to put him in the already full bathtub. So, I am just going to wait until it's super obvious he says something before I write it in his baby book. I just love hearing him babble, and since the evolution of these new sounds in his vocab, we've started obsessively naming everything around him like Rain Man in order to fill his giant head with options for words. Don't get me wrong, we've been talking to him and explaining the world around him since he popped out (more like squeezed out of an exit the size of a grape), it's just this mad dash to get him to repeat us. I'm still half rooting for him to say "dada" first, just so when he wakes up at 5:15am, he's asking for Curtis, not me!

And, of course, we move this Saturday! We have til Sept 2nd to be out of this apartment, so it gives us a little time if we need it. But, we are spoiled and have hired movers (the cheapest we could find, AND they came with a glowing recommendation from a previous, repeat customer of theirs) because who in their right mind wants to move all their crap in August in Texas? Curtis works too hard in the heat all day to have to move our couch and boxes in the heat on his ONE weekend of this month.

So, things are changing, and we are excited to get moved and settled and have a YARD. A backyard to PLAY in. And let the dogs poop in.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A working Girl, again

I have a job. Yeah, a real one. Where I make money. And, no, it does not include taking off anything. Stretch marks and strippers should not mix. But, rumor has it that most strippers don't resemble the ones in movies. How disappointed was I to hear that?!

But, I digress. I started helping out my brother in law (well, Curtis's sister's husband....does that mean B.I.L.?) with his Farmers Insurance business. Mostly helping him get organized and get some systems in place, and it might just be for a few weeks, or it might be for longer. Additionally, I am going to be working at the Mother's Day Out program that saved my life last winter. I MIGHT get to be the music teacher for the program. Because singing ridiculous songs and good children's church songs is near and dear to my heart. So, I would truly love to get that opportunity. Either way, I will be helping out there, and it's exciting because Gage gets to play with friends and I get to make some new ones.

MOPS (the other program that saved my life after I had Gage) starts in a week as well. I am helping with crafts this year. Yep, I love me some good ol' arts 'n' crafts too. I think all these insane changes in my life are the final steps into accepting motherhood, and wearing it well. Doing the mommy thang is hotter than it use to be...thanks Angelina (Jolie) and Jessica (Alba) for making it popular again. Thanks to all the everyday moms who've been making it cool for decades!!!!

I had another job offer today, working for Atmos Energy, making what I was asking for an office job, and when faced with it, I realized I just can't take Gage to daycare. He's making new sounds and I swear he was looking me dead in the eye and trying to tell me something from his high chair today. I can't miss that. Whatever sacrifices it calls for, I am willing to make. And, that includes being lonely sometimes. However, that's what's so great about this new stuff. I get to take Gage with me to my jobs, and I won't be lonely making new friends!

And, I can still work on the business for us. And, I might get it together and start my sewing projects once we move....IN TWO WEEKS!! I've been forcing myself to accept that reality and call the electric company to schedule service to be turned on and off and planning our change of address info for the USPS. I have also been forcing myself to pack. And delegating to Curtis what he needs to his collectible, manly man stuff. I swear, he has more "things" than I do. I collect books. And shoes. He collects shot glasses, coins, Coke memorabilia, and other people's cups (He tends to leave customer's houses with their cups when they give him a drink of water at work.)

Yeah, I'm pretty damn excited about life. And, it's just the simple things that really make us happy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Same crap, different day - wherein I get political

That's a bit more dramatic than necessary, but my twitching right eye lid is telling me I need more sleep and less to think about.

This week, I kept my nine year old neice again for two days while her mom filled in at our husbands' work. She's very helpful, keeping Gage entertained. And, it didn't hurt that we had just bought Toy Story 3 for the PS3. She actually totally kicked butt and found some levels we hadn't even been to yet. Kids! She's a lot of fun, but Gage didn't like napping when she was here. That's because of the fun factor.

I think Gage has dumped over my coffee, my Dr Pepper, and grabbed a burrito off my plate this past week. He routinely knocks the keyboard off the desk (thankfully we will have a taller desk when we move) and his new favorite thing is to play "splashy splashy" in the dog's water bowl. Speaking of the dogs, I took them to get their nails trimmed. An ordeal with Gage, but a lot easier with my neice's help.

We've always planned on having a second baby, but today our health insurance costs sent Curtis reeling, since we have to get our own through a broker...a joy of not having a job working for someone else. It's so frustrating, but necessary. Gage, obviously, has insurance. And, there's no amount we wouldn't pay for that. But, if I have coverage PLUS maternity coverage (because can I JUST have Maternity coverage? I don't know.) is ridiculously expensive, and well, I don't even have it this year. It's knowing that if we stick to our plan of having baby #2, and I get pregnant next year, what's really the benefit of insurance vs. out of pocket?

Obamacare has already started to piss me off, and I can tell you here...I didn't vote for him. But, you already knew that, didn't you? I can also tell you that having another kid is scary when you think about the healthcare industry changes...including the fact that most people won't be able to get maternity coverage added to their health coverage if you don't work for a large corporation that pretty much has to include it in their benefits. Gage, you might be an only child. So much for our second tax shelter!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gage: Eight Month Letter

Little Man,
You turned 8 months old yesterday. Honestly, I had been thinking about it all week, and then it occured to me only this morning that I owe you a letter.

This past month has gone by much more slowly than the 6-7 months did. This month, you've gotten TWO once...on the bottom. Man, are they sharp! Your dad likened it to being bit by a rat...he said you've got rat teeth. You bite his toes when he's in the recliner, and it always catches him off guard and I have to muffle my snickers. Today, however, you experienced their rattiness for yourself. You totally bit yourself while eating and left two little rat teeth marks on your hand. I was pretty shocked, and somewhat amused you didn't realize this already. So, I am thinking you might stop biting people....or let the power go to your head and start biting everyone.

You've started standing up in your high chair, standing up in the bathtub. And, this weekend you stood up in the grocery cart. Your dad fell out onto his head once doing that. Unless you want the same issues he has, stop standing up. As for the issues I have, well, you're screwed on that one. You spend most of your time with me, and that's just how it is. You can't escape from the warping I may cause. We can start saving for your therapy OR college. Not both. You have finally mastered coming around the corners on the coffee table. You use to walk along the edge, and get down and stand back up on the next side. Now, you're rounding the corners like a pro. Meaning, I can't "hide" something from you on the opposite edge of the table. You've got full access now.

You MUST eat everything we have. You make this "mmmmm" sound when we eat and you always climb up our legs and make this sound to let us know we'd better plan on sharing. You feed yourself cereal puffs and baby "cheetos". This also makes for more adult like poop. I miss the "baby formula only" diapers. Now, it's like changing a diaper with my own poop in it. Yes, gross.

Last week, Malia came over for two days while her mom worked and you LOVED having a buddy. I loved having a buddy! She's old enough to be helpful and young enough to enjoy playing with you, even though you knock down her blocks. You caught up on some sleep this weekend. You hardly napped due to the excitement of knowing she was in the living room, just waiting to play.

By the way, you're too big for your britches, kid. We love you to the moon and back!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pros & Cons

As we approach Gage's 8 month birthday, I can't help already feeling nostalgic about his newborn days. Granted, he's a lot more FUN now, he's also into everything, as I mentioned in my last post. I feel like a referee, and I only have ONE kid so far.
The thing is, Gage is getting so big, so fast. It makes me want another BABY to have around, since he's all "Hey, look ma, no hands!" And working on his second novel. I said to Curtis "Oh no, I have baby fever." And he pointed to Gage who was hanging on precariously to the sharp corner of the coffee table and said "There's your baby fever right there."
I miss the cuddling. Gage is SO over cuddling unless it's right before bedtime. And, he doesn't even fall asleep with me, he just hangs out looking at me like "So, when are you going to be done holding me so I can get in my bed and sleep?" He's also a lot more selective with *KISSIES!!!!* We have to steal them now.
However, Gage is such a joy to watch as he learns and goes off on his own more. Right now, he's squealing while chasing after the dog...the blind one...who hides from him under the couch, which he finds hysterical. And he gets down on his tummy and peeks under the couch and reaches for her and giggles.
I know they grow up, but I guess I figured I had more time before he started being so independent. He hardly wants to be held in the swimming pool and occasionally pushes away from us like "Hey, guys, I got this figured out. I totally swam around in mom's tummy for 9 whole months. I'm a pro!" He wants to be put down after 1.5 seconds of soothing after a nasty crash.
I DON'T miss the waking up at night. Gage sleeps very well at night. And, he's really great in public. Not at all embarrassing like Curtis. OK, really, I am the embarrassing one. But, Gage is the one who burps mid-conversation with the check out clerk. AND, he's the one who makes farting sounds on my leg when I am on the phone.
He's pulling up on everything, smashing his face, and getting right back up. He wants to eat whatever we have on our plates, and we let him have bites of everything. He feeds himself little baby snacks without a problem (this has increased his value to our dogs). He's not really into using a cup, but it seems to be that he doesn't want juice. He makes faces when he drinks it.
When I say "no" he looks at me and smiles. He gets that charm from his dad. He's so insistent upon having his own way, and it drives me crazy, because I want to have MY way. Like not getting poop on me when I change his diapers.
I miss watching him sleep, I miss him sleeping through grocery store trips. He's now graduated to screeching for fun, and grabbing whatever is hanging on hooks nearby. I went grocery shopping alone last night while Curtis and Gage played at home. They had a great time, and so did I. Since I wasn't pulling price tags out of Gage's mouth that he had chewed off the toy I picked up for him.
I am still very protective of his naps, and that's cramping my style more and more these days since he's big enough and fun enough to take places. So, I want to take him out, but I have to plan around naps. I don't mind Gage when he's not napping. He's such a good kid (minus the dog terrorizing) when he's awake. I think that's because of the naps. I am telling you, parents, let your kids sleep on a regular schedule! Not letting them sleep enough is like feeding them a nutritionally lacking diet.
I feel like I am ready to take on something new. I'm getting a little bored. So bored I bleached my floors last week. AND spot steam cleaned the carpets. However, that reminds me that we move in less than 4 weeks, and I have a whole house to pack. My goal is 3-5 boxes a day, depending on size. I've already gone through my old makeup and toiletries to throw out stuff that doesn't make sense to take to the new place. Like 7 year old silver eye liner....correction, I think I bought it when I was 15, so TEN year old silver eye liner.
Our (new) church we attend is having a back to school clothing drive for kids aged up to 18. I think my size 0 and size 1 jeans can go ahead and see some tiny teens hips now. They'll never meet mine again. So, I am purging out old, but gently used clothes to donate and that will cut down on the packing.

Back to my pros and cons...
It's hard to watch Gage grow up and AWAY from me. That's at least what I feel like is happening. It makes me miss his baby days (most of them, not ALL of them), it makes me want another baby in the house, it makes me look forward to the big boy days too. His curiosity is amazing, and amusing. And frustrating when he's grabbing things off the computer desk. He has started sticking his tongue out while he plays. He makes lots of new sounds. But, I miss the bleary, unfocused eyes of the newborn Gage. And I miss him biting me WITHOUT teeth.