Friday, October 8, 2010

Gage- Ten Months Old

Little Bucky,
We've been in our house for almost two months now. You've loved having a yard to play in, and wood floors to push your toys across. You got sick for the first time this month. You've added a few more words to your vocabulary. You're saying "Dada" now. You're signing "more" and "milk" and you say "Mmmm" and "Eeee" when you want to eat. You also said "down" the other day a few times, and you said "wa" when I turned on the sink. You growl like a monster, because your dad always comes into your room to say goodnight like a silly monster with his hands as ears and stuff. You think it's hilarious, and you're growling because of that. It's adorable. Your first Halloween is coming up, and I am planning on you being a lion.

You're completely comfortable drinking out of your sippy cup, although you're not really doing much with the glass bottles when I feed you. Of course, that's the ONLY time you want to cuddle anymore, so I cherish that time.

You're more and more sure of what you want every day. You screech in protest when we bring you in from the front yard. You get mad if we don't share our food or drink. Who cares if it's spicy or alcoholic?!? You DON'T! We are trying to think of a way to differentiate for you, so you understand when something is just off limits like that.

You're such a joy. You are adorable and funny and cute, and you have your dad's teeth, and it just makes me love you both even more. You're so close to walking. You pushed your dump truck all over the front yard today. You're SO BIG. I already wish I had cherished the newborn days more, but I was so tired, I am mostly just glad we all survived it. We are absolutely crazy about you. People love you in public. You're kind of a turd at MDO sometimes, but I think your teachers don't mind because you're such a charmer, just like your daddy.

I kinda wish I could just stop time right now. You're still a baby, and you haven't gotten completely away from me yet. You still need me, but you're awesomely independent. You LOVE everyone you meet. And, they seem drawn to you. You're such a little magnet.

We took you to the Allen Homecoming Game last weekend and you were SO GOOD. You didn't whine or scream or throw a fit. There was so much to see, you just were excited to be there. You cheered with the fans. You watched the band and drillteam on the field, and of course watched the cheerleaders...what can I say to that? We were very proud of you. We ARE very proud of you. You're a climber, you're a charmer, you're just this bundle of energy that I could sit and watch all day long. I am constantly telling myself "these are the days".

I pray for you every night. I use to pray with you before bedtime, but you can't stand being cuddled for more than 3 seconds in a row right now. So, we kiss you goodnight, and I say prayers in my own bed at night. I pray for your continued health. I pray for your future salvation. I pray you'll love God's Word, that you'll hide it in your heart. I pray that you'll be a good friend, and have a servant's heart. I pray you'll use your gifts and talents to glorify God and further His kingdom. I pray for your purity, and your future wife and her purity. I want you to know how precious you are and how precious that treasure is. I pray you'll have a passion for God's will and that you'll be successful at all you attempt.

How blessed among women am I to be your mother!

Love, Mommy