Friday, January 8, 2010

Gage - One Month Old

Gage - One Month Old Friday, January 8, 2010 at 12:05pm
Wow, what can I say? You're one month old today. You've gotten HUGE, with all the eating you've been doing the past couple of weeks. Even your knuckles on your fingers are pudgy.
You've completely turned our lives upside down, and it's an amazing experience, being your mommy. You've started using your hands to grab my necklace and my hair (which I have threatened to get chopped off, but your daddy says no). You smile when you're falling asleep after a meal. You belch and pass gas like a grown man. You've outgrown a few of the newborn onsies and the newborn diapers. You have two chins and lots of chubby rolls on your legs and neck. Your umbilical cord fell off two whole weeks ago. You grunt a lot in your sleep, and I think my mommy mind is starting to be able to sleep through the grunting and decipher when you're really awake and need something at night.
You like to look at the TV when you're eating, and sometimes you'll sit with daddy and watch a cartoon together. But, I don't think you're quite visibly focusing yet. So, no harm done watching Spongebob with him yesterday.
You got a lot of great stuff for Christmas, and we told everyone you were thankful. Right now, you're just thankful I change your diapers and feed you regularly. We can't wait until you're big enough to play in the insanely cool Exersaucer we bought you for Christmas. Yes, we bought it even though the age says 4 mos. It's sitting in your room with all the other toys and things that you're not quite old enough to play with yet.
This month was a big one. You had your First Christmas, first bath, we celebrated a new year, & mommy and daddy celebrated our first wedding anniversary.You've changed soo much!
Our lives have changed so much too. Our house is filled with all your baby things. In fact, your Glow Worm was on the keyboard when I sat down to write this. You have taken over our lives and our home. And our hearts. I never knew how much you would take over completely. I have to be careful to make sure I have the rest of my day, and not just sit and hold you and watch you sleep or let you play on your tummy. RIght now we are listenting to music on YouTube that I listened to a lot when you were in my tummy. And you're hanging out, like maybe you remember hearing it. Your dad and I listened to Third Day's "Born Again" a lot. And you're sitting here being so quiet. Awesome.
Anyway, one whole month. Wow. It's gone by so fast, and we've already made so many memories. And, God willing, we will have hundreds of more months. Oh, and your pediatrician said you were a very handsome baby. I could write so much more. You've changed my life. Changed it like only to other things have...knowing Jesus, and knowing your daddy. Knowing you, Gage, has made me something I wasn't before. A mom. I love you soo much.

Love, Mommy