Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A little of this, a little of that, and BOOM! Greens Facial!

As I have said before, you can check out any and all products discussed in this blog post at My It Works! Website . Additionally, you can find my Facebook page for It Works! here.

I wrote about how much I love the Confianza from It Works! earlier this month. Now, I would like to tell you about my favorite "secret" product from It Works!

I have had skin issues as an adult. Seriously, I was darn near 20 and a junior in college when I started breaking out in some horrible twist of fate. I slid through high school with only a couple of blemishes each month around that lovely hormone cycle called the Circle of Life.

Anyway, since having my precious children, who ruined my belly skin with stretch marks but cleared up my face for the most part, I am back to breaking out monthly. I take INCREDIBLY obsessive care of my skin and have started using what we call the Greens Facial a couple times during my breakouts. It's a simple combo of the Greens and the Defining Gel. Mix them together to make a little gel mask and slather on that face. Wear for 45 mins (or overnight, in the last two cases of my own use!) while it dries and then wash off. It's a bit tingly from the Defining Gel, and it smells LOVELY from the Berry flavored Greens. The Citrus flavored Greens are also delish!

Bonus, you will be using the Greens and Defining Gel for their originally intended uses anyway, so you might as well make a mask and get a little extra out of it!

I totally love that it looks like I have a unibrow. Curtis is such a lucky man!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Have you tried that crazy......Confianza?

Back in April I decided to try selling the skinny wraps again. But, one thing that I did not completely understand was that the wraps were just one very small piece of what It Works offers. And, to be honest, I believe good old fashioned exercise HAS to go hand in hand with anything like a wrap, or the results will be limited/go back to before. That being said, I am going to introduce you to Confianza.

Oh, Confianza. First of all, I love the name. Makes me think of Confidence. And who doesn’t want more of that? I had a baby last May. My body is not the same. It may never be exactly as it was before, but the thing that I hated the most was how I FELT. I mean, do I love my stretch marks? Eh. Not exactly. But, forget the stretch marks because, hey, my husband still wants me. He didn’t say “Ew, gross. You have stretch marks from carrying our precious boys, I don’t want to have sex with you anymore.” 

But, oh, the hormones! Baby, breastfeeding for 10 months, then the abrupt stop of breastfeeding because Cade was all, “hey-oh, I like this here bottle thing” all of a sudden. (Now, I tried for 10 months to get him to take a bottle of expressed milk, and he never ever ever ever ever ever ever wanted it.  Imagine my shock when he changed his mind one day.) Things were a step towards normal when he started eating solids and nursing less. But, I still didn’t have much desire. Like, yes, my husband is hot (and he was so into lifting weights at the time, and dang!!! He will probably make me delete that part once he reads it.) But, I wasn’t feeling it. Eventually I felt relatively normal after I adjusted to no more breastfeeding.

Two months after I quit breastfeeding, I was as normal as I thought I could be. But, fairly bitchy. I’m honest. I think having two kids raised my anxiety level. Going back to work was a blessing, but it added to my stress. I wished I had prescription coverage so maybe I could ask my doctor about getting something for my stress/anxiety. I prayed about not having to take anything like that, because I was not familiar enough with prescriptions to know what was available. And, I wanted to tell myself I was “strong enough” to go without. (RIDICULOUS, by the way. Please, please, please, take medication that you’ve been prescribed to help you feel normal. I fully believe in the power of medication to balance what nature can’t) Meanwhile, I am starting to look more at the supplements It Works offers and I have earned some free product (isn’t that awesome that I got free stuff from my job?) and I ask my friend about the Confianza. She says she likes it. It’s free, so I try some. Y’ALL, I DON’T THINK MY LIFE WILL BE THE SAME.

I am a bit of a hippie in the sense of I’d like to “go natural” as best as I can, but not at the expense of real health/treatment. I don’t mind antibiotics when necessary. I like to buy organic when I can. I prefer homeopathic methods for colds and preventatives. I even almost went totally crazy and used cloth diapers (before I realized how much laundry that would create for me, and then I decided “no thanks”) when Cade was born. J I bathed the dogs in Apple Cider Vinegar last week to help keep fleas away. My kids have poop problems?  Have some acidophilus. You feel like you’re coming down with something, honey? Here, drink this orange juice I dumped some Greens into.

So, I started taking the Confianza. I text my friend “Uh, does the Confianza affect, like, your drive?”  She replies, “Well, I know its balances things out, so maybe that’s part of it.” I just feel like I did when I was 20. I don’t feel like I have given birth to two kids, I have bills to pay and have to go to sleep in the same bed every night with the same stinky husband. I love my family. I love being married to Curtis. Those things didn’t change when I was all moody and unbalanced. But, taking the Confianza has drastically improved my feeling of well being. I think I handle stress a little better, although I am still tightly wound and will probably always be, a little. I feel like I am dealing with my life in a more grounded, less emotionally unstable way. And, the only thing I changed was taking the dang Confianza. Take it as you want. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

90 Day Update

I looked at saw that it was the beginning of November since my last blog post.  I know that my need to write is usually tied up in how I am feeling. Overwhelmed. I wrote a LOT after Gage was born, because as I openly discussed, I was dealing with some post partum depression.

Now, this is not my "Cry for Help" post. I just realize that I am kind of OVER the baby phase we have lived in the last three years. Like, I LOVE having my boys, and I know I should bite my tongue before complaining about how much they require because there are so many women who never get to experience this, but as Gage gets older, I am appreciating that he can put his own shoes on and typically can tell me what he wants/needs. Oh, and understands when mommy needs a "time out" for herself.

Cade is screeching and getting into everything and it's exhausting trying to corral him. He babbles words now and then, but he prefers to use squawking as a means to communicate. As we draw VERY close to his first birthday - just a little more than 2 months way - I feel like doing a dance. I am still TWO YEARS away from being 30 and am DONE with the baby phase. I still have a lot of time left to be with my husband and watch my kids grow up into people and just enjoy life after surviving the world of babies.

I suggested some form of permanent baby prevention to Curtis. Let's just say I am no longer allowed to use the word "vasectomy" in our home. He responds to this suggestion as if I kicked him directly in his aforementioned area. So I am all, fine tie up my tubes and let's move on. But he's even against that! Like "What Dr will do that to a 28 yr old? You shouldn't make that decision until you're like 35." Let's pretend there are not some deep seated chauvinistic tones to that comment and get to the real point here: Curtis is still flirting with the idea of having another baby sometimes. At this point, I will be ready to go all Sister Wives and find another mommy to have that baby. I know I am putting myself out there for a lot of ridicule if I end up pregnant again, but I think the Lord knows my heart and knows that I am not mentally capable of handling another child. I will be checking myself in to somewhere with padded rooms and those nice jackets that tie in the back.

Anyway, I am starting to understand why so many moms go back to school. Once your kids are of a certain age, you kind of need SOMETHING to do after the first three weeks of "Me Time". Like, when they need you so little in comparison to the baby stage, you sort of need to re-purpose your life if you weren't doing something along with raisin' them babies. 

My pre-children love was Group Exercise. Which is ironic considering I am completely OUT of shape even though I am approximately 5-10 lbs more than I was prior to kids. I am just ready to get a little more purpose now that Cade is almost a year old and Gage is a mere two years away from starting Kindergarten (cue my anxiety attack here). I am mentally prepping for getting back in shape and teaching hopefully by summer. Who knows. But, at least I have my wheels turning.

The boys are absolutely precious (usually) and I am crazy about my husband (most of the time). Now, on to find something for Me.