Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A little of this, a little of that, and BOOM! Greens Facial!

As I have said before, you can check out any and all products discussed in this blog post at My It Works! Website . Additionally, you can find my Facebook page for It Works! here.

I wrote about how much I love the Confianza from It Works! earlier this month. Now, I would like to tell you about my favorite "secret" product from It Works!

I have had skin issues as an adult. Seriously, I was darn near 20 and a junior in college when I started breaking out in some horrible twist of fate. I slid through high school with only a couple of blemishes each month around that lovely hormone cycle called the Circle of Life.

Anyway, since having my precious children, who ruined my belly skin with stretch marks but cleared up my face for the most part, I am back to breaking out monthly. I take INCREDIBLY obsessive care of my skin and have started using what we call the Greens Facial a couple times during my breakouts. It's a simple combo of the Greens and the Defining Gel. Mix them together to make a little gel mask and slather on that face. Wear for 45 mins (or overnight, in the last two cases of my own use!) while it dries and then wash off. It's a bit tingly from the Defining Gel, and it smells LOVELY from the Berry flavored Greens. The Citrus flavored Greens are also delish!

Bonus, you will be using the Greens and Defining Gel for their originally intended uses anyway, so you might as well make a mask and get a little extra out of it!

I totally love that it looks like I have a unibrow. Curtis is such a lucky man!


  1. Hey, Jodie! How often do you apply it? Thanks!

    1. I do it at least once, and sometimes twice in the week before my cycle, which is typically when I have the worst break outs.