Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pros & Cons

As we approach Gage's 8 month birthday, I can't help already feeling nostalgic about his newborn days. Granted, he's a lot more FUN now, he's also into everything, as I mentioned in my last post. I feel like a referee, and I only have ONE kid so far.
The thing is, Gage is getting so big, so fast. It makes me want another BABY to have around, since he's all "Hey, look ma, no hands!" And working on his second novel. I said to Curtis "Oh no, I have baby fever." And he pointed to Gage who was hanging on precariously to the sharp corner of the coffee table and said "There's your baby fever right there."
I miss the cuddling. Gage is SO over cuddling unless it's right before bedtime. And, he doesn't even fall asleep with me, he just hangs out looking at me like "So, when are you going to be done holding me so I can get in my bed and sleep?" He's also a lot more selective with *KISSIES!!!!* We have to steal them now.
However, Gage is such a joy to watch as he learns and goes off on his own more. Right now, he's squealing while chasing after the dog...the blind one...who hides from him under the couch, which he finds hysterical. And he gets down on his tummy and peeks under the couch and reaches for her and giggles.
I know they grow up, but I guess I figured I had more time before he started being so independent. He hardly wants to be held in the swimming pool and occasionally pushes away from us like "Hey, guys, I got this figured out. I totally swam around in mom's tummy for 9 whole months. I'm a pro!" He wants to be put down after 1.5 seconds of soothing after a nasty crash.
I DON'T miss the waking up at night. Gage sleeps very well at night. And, he's really great in public. Not at all embarrassing like Curtis. OK, really, I am the embarrassing one. But, Gage is the one who burps mid-conversation with the check out clerk. AND, he's the one who makes farting sounds on my leg when I am on the phone.
He's pulling up on everything, smashing his face, and getting right back up. He wants to eat whatever we have on our plates, and we let him have bites of everything. He feeds himself little baby snacks without a problem (this has increased his value to our dogs). He's not really into using a cup, but it seems to be that he doesn't want juice. He makes faces when he drinks it.
When I say "no" he looks at me and smiles. He gets that charm from his dad. He's so insistent upon having his own way, and it drives me crazy, because I want to have MY way. Like not getting poop on me when I change his diapers.
I miss watching him sleep, I miss him sleeping through grocery store trips. He's now graduated to screeching for fun, and grabbing whatever is hanging on hooks nearby. I went grocery shopping alone last night while Curtis and Gage played at home. They had a great time, and so did I. Since I wasn't pulling price tags out of Gage's mouth that he had chewed off the toy I picked up for him.
I am still very protective of his naps, and that's cramping my style more and more these days since he's big enough and fun enough to take places. So, I want to take him out, but I have to plan around naps. I don't mind Gage when he's not napping. He's such a good kid (minus the dog terrorizing) when he's awake. I think that's because of the naps. I am telling you, parents, let your kids sleep on a regular schedule! Not letting them sleep enough is like feeding them a nutritionally lacking diet.
I feel like I am ready to take on something new. I'm getting a little bored. So bored I bleached my floors last week. AND spot steam cleaned the carpets. However, that reminds me that we move in less than 4 weeks, and I have a whole house to pack. My goal is 3-5 boxes a day, depending on size. I've already gone through my old makeup and toiletries to throw out stuff that doesn't make sense to take to the new place. Like 7 year old silver eye liner....correction, I think I bought it when I was 15, so TEN year old silver eye liner.
Our (new) church we attend is having a back to school clothing drive for kids aged up to 18. I think my size 0 and size 1 jeans can go ahead and see some tiny teens hips now. They'll never meet mine again. So, I am purging out old, but gently used clothes to donate and that will cut down on the packing.

Back to my pros and cons...
It's hard to watch Gage grow up and AWAY from me. That's at least what I feel like is happening. It makes me miss his baby days (most of them, not ALL of them), it makes me want another baby in the house, it makes me look forward to the big boy days too. His curiosity is amazing, and amusing. And frustrating when he's grabbing things off the computer desk. He has started sticking his tongue out while he plays. He makes lots of new sounds. But, I miss the bleary, unfocused eyes of the newborn Gage. And I miss him biting me WITHOUT teeth.

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