Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Same crap, different day - wherein I get political

That's a bit more dramatic than necessary, but my twitching right eye lid is telling me I need more sleep and less to think about.

This week, I kept my nine year old neice again for two days while her mom filled in at our husbands' work. She's very helpful, keeping Gage entertained. And, it didn't hurt that we had just bought Toy Story 3 for the PS3. She actually totally kicked butt and found some levels we hadn't even been to yet. Kids! She's a lot of fun, but Gage didn't like napping when she was here. That's because of the fun factor.

I think Gage has dumped over my coffee, my Dr Pepper, and grabbed a burrito off my plate this past week. He routinely knocks the keyboard off the desk (thankfully we will have a taller desk when we move) and his new favorite thing is to play "splashy splashy" in the dog's water bowl. Speaking of the dogs, I took them to get their nails trimmed. An ordeal with Gage, but a lot easier with my neice's help.

We've always planned on having a second baby, but today our health insurance costs sent Curtis reeling, since we have to get our own through a broker...a joy of not having a job working for someone else. It's so frustrating, but necessary. Gage, obviously, has insurance. And, there's no amount we wouldn't pay for that. But, if I have coverage PLUS maternity coverage (because can I JUST have Maternity coverage? I don't know.) is ridiculously expensive, and well, I don't even have it this year. It's knowing that if we stick to our plan of having baby #2, and I get pregnant next year, what's really the benefit of insurance vs. out of pocket?

Obamacare has already started to piss me off, and I can tell you here...I didn't vote for him. But, you already knew that, didn't you? I can also tell you that having another kid is scary when you think about the healthcare industry changes...including the fact that most people won't be able to get maternity coverage added to their health coverage if you don't work for a large corporation that pretty much has to include it in their benefits. Gage, you might be an only child. So much for our second tax shelter!

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  1. I miss Dr Pepper. Tell him I said hello and that he'll always be my first love.

    And second, insurance sucks. I hate that its making the baby #2 decision for you, but I completely understand.