Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A working Girl, again

I have a job. Yeah, a real one. Where I make money. And, no, it does not include taking off anything. Stretch marks and strippers should not mix. But, rumor has it that most strippers don't resemble the ones in movies. How disappointed was I to hear that?!

But, I digress. I started helping out my brother in law (well, Curtis's sister's husband....does that mean B.I.L.?) with his Farmers Insurance business. Mostly helping him get organized and get some systems in place, and it might just be for a few weeks, or it might be for longer. Additionally, I am going to be working at the Mother's Day Out program that saved my life last winter. I MIGHT get to be the music teacher for the program. Because singing ridiculous songs and good children's church songs is near and dear to my heart. So, I would truly love to get that opportunity. Either way, I will be helping out there, and it's exciting because Gage gets to play with friends and I get to make some new ones.

MOPS (the other program that saved my life after I had Gage) starts in a week as well. I am helping with crafts this year. Yep, I love me some good ol' arts 'n' crafts too. I think all these insane changes in my life are the final steps into accepting motherhood, and wearing it well. Doing the mommy thang is hotter than it use to be...thanks Angelina (Jolie) and Jessica (Alba) for making it popular again. Thanks to all the everyday moms who've been making it cool for decades!!!!

I had another job offer today, working for Atmos Energy, making what I was asking for an office job, and when faced with it, I realized I just can't take Gage to daycare. He's making new sounds and I swear he was looking me dead in the eye and trying to tell me something from his high chair today. I can't miss that. Whatever sacrifices it calls for, I am willing to make. And, that includes being lonely sometimes. However, that's what's so great about this new stuff. I get to take Gage with me to my jobs, and I won't be lonely making new friends!

And, I can still work on the business for us. And, I might get it together and start my sewing projects once we move....IN TWO WEEKS!! I've been forcing myself to accept that reality and call the electric company to schedule service to be turned on and off and planning our change of address info for the USPS. I have also been forcing myself to pack. And delegating to Curtis what he needs to pack...like his collectible, manly man stuff. I swear, he has more "things" than I do. I collect books. And shoes. He collects shot glasses, coins, Coke memorabilia, and other people's cups (He tends to leave customer's houses with their cups when they give him a drink of water at work.)

Yeah, I'm pretty damn excited about life. And, it's just the simple things that really make us happy.

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