Thursday, August 26, 2010

Down to the Wire, "CLETUS!" And, yes that's my eye twitching

Thursday...Wow. I realized how busy I've been when my sister in law posted on my facebook wall simply "Why so quiet today?" Curtis said "because you usually live on here". Smarty pants!

Well, I made The PW Apple Dumplings from Heaven for MOPS and I made triple her recipe so I could have enough for like EVERYONE. And, they were amazing. Yes, anything made with two whole sticks of butter and 1 1/2 cups of sugar must be good for my heart and hips. I gave up on being the same size I was before Gage. Before I was married actually. And, I won't sit here and make you all angry at me for complaining that I am not a size zero anymore. But, hey, you have to understand because if you're not the same size as before you had kids, we're in the same boat whether you want to smack me with the paddle or not.

MOPS meeting was great. I made the unfortunate decision to GET TRICKED INTO sharing about 43 different facts about myself with the whole group thanks to my excessive use of toilet paper. When I told Curtis he was like, "I know that wasn't HARD for you to do". Then he asked what all I had shared. Pssshhhh, as IF! What happens at MOPS stays at MOPS (thanks, Pam!).

I went and got only about 2 hours of work done at the BIL's. And, Gage put himself down for a nap again over there. He DID poop beforehand, and I was faced with a parenting dilemma. I know he's sleeping in his own poop, should I wake him? However, my BIL said it's just like when you go in there after a nap and you realize they pooped, except you already know. So, Gage slept in his poo filled diaper, and was totally fine with that.

Maybe I am lame for being late in noticing, but Gage is all of a sudden getting a tooth in on the top. Yes, A tooth. Not both in at once, like he did on the bottom. My kid is getting ONE tooth on the top left. Meaning, I will have to start referring to him at Cletus if he only has one tooth on top for a while. I'm hoping the other top tooth will come in soon after. Because I will have to put him in overalls with one strap broken and marry him off to a cousin if he looks like a hill billy.

Today I dropped off Gage at my other sister in law's and then went to the church to decorate my MDO room for a couple of hours. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped though. I DID get to use the die cutter, and that was exciting. I could cut out shapes all day with that thing. Letters too. Oh small joys!

Still so much to pack. Shoot me now. Or, just come help me pack and don't shoot me. Curtis packed his "knick knacks"/collectibles today, so I am not as stressed, because I promised him and myself and anyone else who will listen that I am NOT packing that crap myself. There's not THAT much stuff. But, I think we could use some more boxes...and Tequila.

Don't expect much up an update til next week, friends!

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  1. Keep your chin up, girl...this too, will pass. The Bible constantly tells us, "IT came to pass." If we remember little else that is a quote worth a memory jolt!

    Praying all goes smoothly with the move and that all 3 of you make the transition with as little trauma as possible. In my lifetime I have now lived in 32 different, you really can adjust to almost anything, if you have to!

    Love you!