Monday, August 9, 2010

Gage: Eight Month Letter

Little Man,
You turned 8 months old yesterday. Honestly, I had been thinking about it all week, and then it occured to me only this morning that I owe you a letter.

This past month has gone by much more slowly than the 6-7 months did. This month, you've gotten TWO once...on the bottom. Man, are they sharp! Your dad likened it to being bit by a rat...he said you've got rat teeth. You bite his toes when he's in the recliner, and it always catches him off guard and I have to muffle my snickers. Today, however, you experienced their rattiness for yourself. You totally bit yourself while eating and left two little rat teeth marks on your hand. I was pretty shocked, and somewhat amused you didn't realize this already. So, I am thinking you might stop biting people....or let the power go to your head and start biting everyone.

You've started standing up in your high chair, standing up in the bathtub. And, this weekend you stood up in the grocery cart. Your dad fell out onto his head once doing that. Unless you want the same issues he has, stop standing up. As for the issues I have, well, you're screwed on that one. You spend most of your time with me, and that's just how it is. You can't escape from the warping I may cause. We can start saving for your therapy OR college. Not both. You have finally mastered coming around the corners on the coffee table. You use to walk along the edge, and get down and stand back up on the next side. Now, you're rounding the corners like a pro. Meaning, I can't "hide" something from you on the opposite edge of the table. You've got full access now.

You MUST eat everything we have. You make this "mmmmm" sound when we eat and you always climb up our legs and make this sound to let us know we'd better plan on sharing. You feed yourself cereal puffs and baby "cheetos". This also makes for more adult like poop. I miss the "baby formula only" diapers. Now, it's like changing a diaper with my own poop in it. Yes, gross.

Last week, Malia came over for two days while her mom worked and you LOVED having a buddy. I loved having a buddy! She's old enough to be helpful and young enough to enjoy playing with you, even though you knock down her blocks. You caught up on some sleep this weekend. You hardly napped due to the excitement of knowing she was in the living room, just waiting to play.

By the way, you're too big for your britches, kid. We love you to the moon and back!


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  1. This is simply are quite the writer, dear granddaughter! Love your insights into your son's antics and your response to them. Keep it up...he'll love this when he's old enough to appreciate your diary of his babyhood.