Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gage's molars pushed through...and then I cried

So, there's been a lot of debate since we first got pregnant with Gage about when we wanted to follow up with baby #2. No, I am NOT pregnant, yet. But, we talked about after his first birthday, that we would probably start trying.

After more debate on the insanity I would succumb to if we had ANOTHER baby in December - we already have Gage's birthday, my birthday and our anniversary - we decided after tax season, we would probably be ready to start trying. You may wonder what tax season has to do with anything, and the real answer is "not much". But, it does have to do with tax return money and paying off some stuff and having some extra money in savings.

So, Lord willing, we will be pregnant by the summer. Am I going to get into trouble for announcing this on here, Curtis? There's only been one thing Curtis specifically requested I don't put on Facebook or my blog and it had to do with him not taking out the trash.

When I noticed Gage has a top molar coming in on each side, I was slightly devastated. It was another milestone that proves he's...sob...growing up! He's been climbing onto tables, and from the chair in his room, he can dump himself over into his crib if the side is down. he hasn't figured out how to climb out, thankfully! He says words and laughs at things, and you can just see the wheels turning in his head as he explores and discovers life. He's a big boy now...

So, after he went to sleep last night, I was talking to Curtis about Gage growing up and looking at his newborn pictures. Curtis went to bed, and about 5 minutes later, I followed him into our room crying. I sat down on our bed when he asked what was wrong and said "Gage isn't a baby any more!!! He's got big boy teeth! I can just close my eyes and picture them in his mouth and it makes me so sad."
He said "If he was 16 and moving out, it would be sad. He's still a baby. He's only a year old. You can't say he's not a baby."
"What about when he goes to kindergarten!? I'm going to stay in bed all day and cry when he goes to kindergarten!!" I sobbed. "I need a baby. One without teeth!"

So, I know I am for certain ready to have another baby. As ready as I will ever be. And a hell of a lot more prepared than when we had Gage. Curtis is ready. I distinctly remember him asking my OB how long we should wait to have baby #2 when I was only 5 months pregnant with Gage.

I love that my husband loves kids so I don't think he would've sought out a babysitting job before he became a father. But, he's such a great dad. And, when I have the Craft kids over at our house, he's playing with them and sharing his cookies with Hannah. It's the first time I've seen him interact with children he's not related to. And, he's just as awesome with them as he is with Gage. He might be a little hands off when it comes to poop, but he claims he would do what he had to if he was on his own. I can only laugh because it IS slightly annoying to know he'd do it if I wasn't there to do it. But, isn't that pretty much how all men are? Of course he can get his own food and wash his own clothes, but since I'm his wife, I take care of those things for him. I know, I just set the feminist movement back 25 years.

So, Gage has turned into a toddler now and I am ready for a sweet little bundle of cuddly baby. I love our family so much and I can't wait to add to it. I also know that if we don't have another one, that Gage will turn into a big brat because he'll be spoiled rotten. He needs a playmate, a partner in crime.

Hopefully he'll have one around spring of next year.

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