Monday, February 13, 2017

Let Me (re)Introduce Myself

I wrote almost a month ago about how I wanted to write more. I have several reasons and I plan to delve into them, but I felt like the stepping stone should be to update a bit about where I am in life these days.

I started this blog in August of 2009, mostly because we were expecting our first baby and I wanted to document it. I did not really write much until after Gage was born. Then I wrote almost weekly and of course his first year of monthly letters are there in the 2010 files if you want to cry remembering when YOUR babies were babies. I read just a few posts and cried and promptly decided I want another baby.

So, here I am almost 8 years later, and I am committing to more posts. A lot has changed in 8 years. Cue the "last week on The Life of Jodie" announcer.

Curtis and I have a garage door repair business. I teach group fitness. Our boys are 7 and 5. We have a cat named Alfred and Harold the Bassett Hound, and my favorite son: Mister Belvedere the English Bulldog. Yes, I said my favorite son. I say that in front of my kids too. They know I'm joking. (or am I?)

I enjoy cooking (but not cleaning) and reading hilarious things on the internet. I would love to be considered one of the hilarious things people read on the internet. I would also love to make a difference now and then. Mother Theresa said "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family." Well, sometimes they're not so lovable.... I'm kidding! I know I am called to love and make an impact on my family, and I do that work every day. But, I have recently had a clear calling to use my pain for God's purpose. He can use my mess for a message. That is the long reason I have finally gotten back on here to write.

If you look back through my older posts, you can read here and there about my struggles with post partum depression and having been a victim of sexual abuse. Motherhood is hard when you're perfectly healthy. When you have a history of depression, the changes during pregnancy can bring those same issues up and even magnify them. When you have past hurts, being a parent can be a struggle as you look at your children and KNOW you could never hurt them or allow anyone to hurt them. There will certainly be some heavier, meatier posts about unpacking traumas and hurts and all sorts of other issues. There will also be some silly, light-hearted and extremely sarcastic posts.

I don't consider this a "mommy blog". I am a mom, yes, but I have a lot of other hats I wear. I don't consider this a "lifestyle blog". I won't be writing about DIY anything. Unless it's DIY ear plugs to drown out the noises of your children asking for dinner. I like to share recipes. I like to share fitness stuff. But, this won't be a fitness blog either. Maybe it will just fall into  the "un-categorized" list. Labels are for soup cans anyway.

So, I have kids and a husband and some pets. I have issues. Let's talk about our issues together!

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