Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gage - Twenty Three Month Letter

Dear Little Fuzzy Head,
Ok, I will admit it, I put of posting this letter to you because, well, I saw the 23 months and panicked. It made the fact that you're about to be two a little too real. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. There's a lot to share about your accomplishments this month.

First of all, you're doing SO GREAT with potty training. You're telling us when you need to poop, most of the time. You're not as consistent with telling us you need to potty, but if you can master the pooping first, I won't mind. We are really proud of your success so far.

Secondly, you have started using complete sentences pretty much all the time. Especially when you like something or want something that we have. The other day, we were out of fruit snacks, and I was going to the store to get milk and a few other things, and you said "Mommy go buy fruit snacks". We laughed pretty hard at your thought process.

You sort of understand that I have a baby in my tummy, but you haven't figured out that not everyone else does too. You also understand more than I realize about getting into trouble, and staying out of it. You think it's funny to say "yes" when I ask if you want a spanking. I finally sat you down and explained to you that if you said yes, then I was going to start giving them every time you said yes. Then I asked if you wanted a spanking and you said "no". GOTCHA! You little smart alec, you!

You are just full of excitement and words and interest in life. You're ridiculously smart, I swear. I'm not just talking as a mom here. I know what other kids your age are like. I've done a lot of working with kids in my day. You're very bright, a fast learner, and great to talk to. That's a big change: we can actually have conversations with you now. You are somewhat reasonable too. If we explain something to you, you are pretty good about going with the flow til you can get what you want.

We're so proud of you. I miss you so much because you're doing all these big kid things and making me wish you were just a little bit more of a baby still. I will say that you're good at cuddling now. You like to sit and read books - no, you LOVE TO READ BOOKS - and cuddle to watch Dora. You sing a lot. Since I love to sing, it makes me proud to hear you. You currently will sing the chorus to Taylor Swift's "Mean" with me. We don't actually sing the part about getting hit, but you performed it like a little star at Thanksgiving this year, much to my delight.

I cannot accept the fact that you're about to be TWO. I can't. You're still my squishy cheeked little Baby Big Head, even though your new buzzed haircut makes you look twice as tall and ready for college. You're super awesome,Gage! We couldn't love you more!


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