Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gage - Twenty Four Month Letter

Dear Captain Underpants,
You are TWO! This is where we have another celebration commemorating our survival of another year! We made it! It was such an awesome year for you as a person, and such a year of changes. I went back to work, and it broke my heart because I missed you so much. Then you started THRIVING at the babysitter's house and I realized that it takes a village to raise a child because that's what benefits THE CHILD the most. Getting you out, socializing, learning new things, growing close to friends outside of our family - you've just sprouted into a little boy with so much excitement for life.

This past month you've officially switched to big boy underwear. You're wearing diapers at night at at naptime, but doing REALLY well when you're awake. You let us know you've got to go, and then don't feel too embarrassed about announcing it out loud in public when you've successfully gone. It's very cute...for now. I have decided I'm going to have to carry around some antibacterial wipes for the bathroom. I'm so grossed out by putting your sweet little bottom on the toilets out in public that I am willing to wipe down a public toilet with germ killing wipes beforehand.

You're asking questions and explaining things in complete sentences now. You've been watching Toy Story 3 repeatedly over the last two or three weeks. I see Toy Story 1 & 2 showing up under the Christmas tree this year. My favorite quote this month: Your daddy was trying to play with you while you were sitting in the big chair and you said "No, Daddy. I watching Woody." You also refer to him as "Daddy Curtis" if you don't get his attention the first couple of times with just "Daddy". Quite hilarious.

We decided to get you a big boy bed this Christmas and Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Dean generously bought it for you. Now, we're just hoping to find some sheets and a bedding set that you'll like and rearrange the furniture in your room to allow for the twin sized bed. Your dad really wanted to get you a super fun toddler bed, but I'm too practical for that and convinced him that you'll be happier with the bigger bed and awesome sheets that we can change out each week. (What, you change your sheets more often than weekly? If there's no pee-pee in the bed, I don't change them more often than that.) I just know we need to get you out of the crib sooner rather than later so you don't feel like we stole it for the new baby. Out of sight, out of mind for a few months.

You've started being a bit more rambunctious and rowdy since you've turned two. But, you're still so sweet. One morning on the way to My's house, I heard you singing "Rock-a-bye Baby" and I looked back and you were rocking a football. Such a perfect combination of little boy and sweetness.

I can't believe you're two. And, I keep thinking it can't get any more fun than this, but it does. We are constantly impressed by you. You do so much to make us proud. I know you're going to be a great big brother and I can't wait for your little brother to meet you.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Love, Mommy

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