Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sharing a Give Away

I have never linked to another page's giveaway before, but I am really impressed by this giveaway and figured it's a great way to share - also, I may blog future giveaways and promo codes in order to share the love with other mommies.

But, The Leaky Boob is having this giveaway of TWO awesome diaper bags. And, well, to call them diaper bags is actually offensive since they're way better than awesome! The Leaky Boob is partnering with Ness bags to give away 2 gorgeous bags for mommy. And, heck, even if you're not a mommy, it's a great bag and I wouldn't fault you for entering either.

You can enter twice - and only twice - now through January 2nd. Hey, if you win, let me know. So I can come to your house and steal it. I mean, so I can congratulate you!

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