Friday, January 9, 2015

I woke up in backwards underwear

Well, Gage started this week with a cough. It wasn't too bad. He never felt or acted sick or run down. Curtis was sick before the weekend, pretty badly with a fever and chills and a sore throat. So, I was really glad Gage didn't experience that.

Wednesday, Cade went to take his nap and had a little cough that woke him up a couple of times. And, by yesterday afternoon, I could tell he was run down and had a fever at dinner. We gave him medicine and put him to bed in our bed.

He then proceeded to have a really rough night of waking up, coughing, being miserable, getting medicine and water and he eventually peed out of his diaper, all over me. I got up (AGAIN) to change my clothes and thinking I had grabbed clothes from my drawer, I put on some pajama shorts. Then, OF COURSE, there are no clean sheets to change the bed with (because I ran out of laundry soap yesterday and did not feel pressed to get more in the less than 30 degree temps), I grabbed towels to soak up the pee, then put more folded towels over the wet spot and tried to go back to sleep.

Have you ever tried to sleep NEAR what you know is potentially a wet puddle of pee in your bed? It's not too restful. I tried sleeping near the edge so Cade was inside, up high enough to not be in the pee spot and I was close enough to rub his back or tummy if he was moving around miserably moaning.

Cue my 4:20am alarm for Boot Camp. I hit snooze for 5 mins. I couldn't do it. Cade was restless still, audibly sucking his fingers and unsuccessfully trying to breathe through his nose. And I could barely whisper. My voice was like the crypt keeper. I messaged my chicks that I would have to owe them a session. I HATE THAT! I hate letting down my clients. But, this time, I had to handle the kiddos.

So, we all sleep in til like 8am which is unheard of in this house. Maybe someone sleeps til 7 if they're a little extra tired. My kids don't sleep in. I married an early bird (who thankfully isn't a chatty early bird - they're the worst) and gave birth to early birds. Cade will stay in bed to cuddle, but Gage and Curtis are out of bed as soon as they're up.

I stumble into the living room because Curtis was leaving for work and I knew the boys were in the living room already - lo and behold, I am NOT wearing my own pajama shorts, but rather a pair of Curtis's boxers...backwards.

Obviously, I blindly dug through the wrong drawer at 3am and ya know what....just HAPPY FRIDAY Y'ALL.

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