Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hate-Filled Rant

Today, I will rant about the bullcrap!

TXU - You suck. Because you send us ridiculously high bills, and there is NO WAY possible they are correct. And, a special thanks for hiring people who clearly do not use English as their first language. I know her name was not really Mary. How did our bills go from two or three hundred to five or six hundred? You're not sure? Oh, I bet you can send someone out here to look at that cheap old meter on the building and tell me why it's spinning out of control when we have NOTHING TURNED ON IN THE WHOLE HOUSE!!! If I wanted to pay as much in electricity as we do for Curtis's truck payment we financed for 4 years, then I would let you know I like to throw money away. But seriously, we are breaking up soon. You're just not good for me. You don't belong in my world...oh wait, I've been watching New Moon. You are overpriced and your customer service dept is a joke. Hire some people in AMERICA. You know, that place where all your customers live. The place with like 10% unemployment. I bet plenty of people whose first language is ENGLISH (or whom at the very least can speak it like a human being, not a ROBOT READING FROM A SCRIPT!!!!) would like a job helping their fellow americans. TXU, you can kiss it.

Prosperity Bank - I use to think it was cute that you were so small. Not like Bank Of America where they have so many customers, they could take over the world. I use to like that everyone knows our name and holds our baby when we come in. But, when my new debit card comes in the mail, and I have to drive to the branch to get it activated, I find it annoying. And, then when I tried to activate it at the ATM, it said too many PIN tries. And it would take 24 hours to reset. WHAT?!?!? Because I don't have ANYTHING to do for the next 24 hours, like grocery shop or get gas. How annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if you had a closer branch, I wouldn't mind stopping in and getting some cash, but I don't know if I have the gas to drive there. Sheesh. You are the bane of my existence. Today. But, I still hate you less than TXU.

Oh, and TEETHING! Yes, you, the one with the gummy pain in my baby's mouth, you're about to hear from me really soon. So, watch out!

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