Friday, September 9, 2011

6 Weeks

While I feel that I did a fairly good job of writing about my experience as a new mother AFTER my first pregnancy, I wish that I had charted my maternity a little better. Because, guess what, some hilarious and also really sad shit went down when I was pregnant with Gage.

I guess that I will just draw comparisons as I go along with this pregnancy. So far, we found out just about the same time as we did with Gage. I'm a pretty meticulous tracker of my cycle, and I am also pretty aware of my body. We found out April 1, 2009 I was expecting Gage and was due Dec 5 2009. This time, we found out on August 29th (well, the 30th officially with that disgusting pregnancy test I peed on that's on my Facebook profile picture) and I believe this baby is due May 5th. We're VERY SCHEDULED HERE! Both times, right between 4 & 5 weeks. It does make the pregnancy seem longer, since you know the WHOLE TIME. Not like "Whoa, surprise I'm already 12 weeks along and I had no idea!" Of course, I noticed Monday morning that I was looking a little fluffy in the belly, but contributed that to possible pre-period bloating.

This week I've had "the pregnancy hungries" "the pregnancy bitchies" and I believe as of yesterday, I may have already suffered "the pregnancy labotamy". Ya know, that whole the-baby-stole-your-brain and you honestly forget what you just stood up to do. Until you realize you're about to pee your pants, and then it's "OH THATS WHY I'M STANDING HERE".

Also, let me say that I can tell a very large difference in how often and how much of an emergency it is to use the bathroom this pregnancy. Like, the ability to wait has disappeared. If it hits me that I gotta go, then I'm not waiting. Unless, of course, I want to pee my pants.

The crazy dreams have started. One this week wherein I am single, not pregnant and dating that ugly actor Jason Segel from "How I Met Your Mother". Because I obviously couldn't dream about dating Hugh Jackman, or Taylor Lautner - both of which, I now realize, have played wolf characters in popular movies. Please, analyze THAT ONE for me! Anyway, I woke up feeling awkward and disappointed that I dreamed about an ugly dude.

I've also felt more nausea this week. As in, I almost opened my car door to puke at a red light. And I distinctly remember only throwing up twice with Gage. I don't remember how bad the actual nausea was.

I've definitely been tired. I've definitely been crazy annoyed by everything and everyone at different points in the day. And, the SMELLS. UGH! I was just telling my best friend, Jennifer, who is about 14-15 weeks along in her first pregnancty, about the sense of smell during pregnancy. Like how it made me sick to my stomach to smell Lysol and cigarette smoke. And how everything smells like meat or something equally awkward. And, then I found out I'm pregnant and the sensitivity to smell hits me like a ton of dirty diapers.

Let me say this, if I walk into your house or you run into me at the store and I'm making offended faces, it's probably not because you smell or your house smells like dog pee. It's just that I can smell your hairspray and your Scentsy candle is a little too strong for my pregnant nose. Thankfully, I have not had any aversion to the way Curtis smells. Or Gage. I love to smell his chubby neck still. Curtis still smells like he always does. Yummy.

So, here we are at the beginning of this journey. Wow. That was corny. On to the pizza buffet!!

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