Monday, September 19, 2011

7 weeks

This past week I've been even MORE tired (who thought that was possible?) and I fell asleep in the new (to us) Lazy Boy recliner Curtis brought home for me. There's a lot of perks with Curtis's job. One of them being that customers give us stuff all the time. Usually it's cookies or something random. But, Curtis has been working with this one customer for a while, designing a custom garage door for her, and she finally got it approved by her HOA (how annoying, by the way. HOA's are a joke!) and settled on a design she liked, and Curtis installed it last Friday. Let's just say that typically people who do custom designed doors for their homes have a little money to spare. And, she decided to get rid of this really cute green plaid Lazy Boy women's recliner. Curtis asked if he could have it, and she just gave it to him. There's nothing wrong with the chair. She was just done with it. He brought it home, we rearranged our living room, and I now have my own recliner.

And, let me say, my pregnant body appreciates it already. Even though I don't really look I've been told. Curtis told me I haven't gained any weight, to which I replied by lifting my shirt and showing him "the two muffins I made for you this morning" muffin top I had going on. I realized pretty quickly that while I may not have put on much weight, my rear end is not a size 2 anymore. I had to put the 2's away around the same time I found out I was pregnant.

I have definitely been battling all day long nausea and have a hard time eating because nothing really sounds good until I am STARVING. I've had hot dogs for dinner the past two night, and my poor husband agreed to eat Hot Pockets for dinner last night because I just couldn't muster the desire to eat, let alone come up with anything to cook since I'm not really hungry at dinner time.

Saturday morning my mom came up here, and we did some shopping (I needed new flats. I am not waddling around my huge office building in heels) and had lunch at In & Out Burger. A first for both of us. The burgers were good - some special sauce they have - and the fries were under done for my preferences. Of course, that didn't stop me from shoveling them into my face. Gage pretty much ate fries, a sprite, and my chocolate shake for lunch. That kid gets plenty of protein through out the week, so I figure french fries are just fine for lunch once in a while. I definitely enjoy hanging out with my mom. As an only child, she and I were always close as I was growing up, and we make a point to see each other regularly.

We also went to meet my mother in law and sister in law and her daughter in Sherman yesterday to get the cousins together to play. We took them to an indoor bounce house place that also had one of those huge hamster crawl through tubes and stuff. Also, arcade games. (and violently played air hockey - I'm not cut out to play air hockey against a member of the Avary blood line. they're a little scary!) The kids (and adults) all had a ton of fun. And, Curtis was definitely enjoying himself playing in the bounce houses. He actually asked his sister to video him running and jumping up over the side of the bounce house that was an obstacle course.
(note: this morning Curtis told me he was sore all over - I do NOT wonder why). I found some of the climbing to be a little nauseating, but all together fun. Gage tripped over a woman's foot while he was cutting in front of her to catch up to Grandma and bonked his little head. He has a bump in the middle of his forehead. Other than that, we all survived. Exhausted.

I am ridiculously tired with this pregnancy and I still think it's just because with the first one, I didn't have a toddler to take care of too. Thank God Gage can climb into the car by himself if I allow him the time to do it. And, he can climb into his high chair with a little help to make sure he doesn't fall over.

And oh my gosh, can I just say that I am not emotionally stable enough to watch all those military homecoming surprise videos floating around. They did a mini segment on the news this weekend and I was crying about 2 minutes into it.

Also, if anyone wants a large, but very loveable puppy whom we refer to as Mimi, let me know. She's driving me bonkers! I think it would be a LOT less annoying if we had carpets and I didn't have to hear her clackety-clacking down the hall at 3am. That dog is making me crazy at night. And, I SWEAR she knows when the alarm is about to go off, and insists on waking me up about 10-15 minutes beforehand. Again, free to a good home!

Chubby blonde diapered child NOT free to a good home. :) But, you can see how good Mimi is with children.
Another week down, and like a BILLION to go. I'll just be happy not being nauseous all day. I do think this baby might be a girl. Because only a girl would be this mean to her mom so early on in life. And, I don't remember feeling this way with Gage.

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