Tuesday, March 27, 2012

33 weeks - and Gage's 27 1/2 month letter

Let's kill two birds with one stone and get an update on everyone at once. I call it multitasking (and being too lazy to post two separate blog posts today).

So, I feel like someone has beaten me while I slept. When I get up in the mornings, I imagine it must be how people with arthritis feel. It's just achy and hard to move and I want to lay back down and sleep some more. I am SO ready to have this baby, but not at the expense of his health. I just want to be done already. Being pregnant and having a toddler is about 500x harder than being pregnant the first time, with no other children.

Gage is getting his two year molars - which I didn't even realize until this weekend when I looked into his mouth closely. Yes, I brush his teeth, but I'm not sticking my hand in there to feel around regularly. It explains the recent struggles we've had with him, which I will address in the portion of this post that's Gage's letter.

We've decided to have a garage sale next month with my sister in law so that we can clear out the remaining stuff we have no use for and make more room for our soon to be family of four. And oh my gosh, I just really thought about that....we're going to be a family of four. But, you know, I think it's pretty much the same as having any number of kids. If you have kids, it changes your life. One, two, seven. You're not doing anything without considering how it affects your kid or kids anyway. So, bring on the baby. I would have three if it means I didn't have to actually be pregnant again.

I feel like a giant, uncomfortable cow and I desperately miss working out and moving without waddling. I know if I had been working out when I got pregnant, then I could still be doing something, but I wasn't and now I regret it. I think my body wouldn't hurt as much.

Now, for the Gage update:

Dear Molar Monster,
     So, it turns out that all this insane sleeping junk is due to molars. You started trying to get into bed with us, randomly about two weeks ago. Now, I am TOTALLY against this. Your dad thinks it's cute. It makes me want to go sleep in your bed and leave you two to kick each other while you sleep.
     Then, you decided to wanted to sleep on your bedroom floor. I'm fine with that. I made you a little pallet, and you slept on it pretty well. But, you have been playing some serious games at bedtime, coming out of your room and giggling and playing with Mimi in the hallway. I've threatened to lock you in with one of those door knob covers that you have to squeeze to turn the knob. Your dad is TOTALLY against that.
     You are such a master manipulator, and you're really pushing the limits lately. I'm sure it's called "testing your boundaries" - I consider it a true test of my parenting endurance. The Toddler Games. They should make a movie series about it. Don't steal my idea now. I realized I am sitting on the next book series goldmine.
     You seem to basically understand WHERE the baby is if we ask, but when I asked if you wanted a baby at our house, you told me no. Guess what? You're in for a BIG SURPRISE in a few weeks. I know you're going to be helpful. You love helping around the house so much already. I also get that you might be jealous. What's strange is that I don't stay at home with you right now, so it should be a total change of pace for us all when I am home on maternity leave with the new baby AND you at home. Meaning, you don't get all my attention all day long anyway, so you'll actually be getting to see me more once your brother gets here. I won't pretend to know how it's all going to go down though.
     You're still growing and learning every day. You speak such clear sentences that sometimes I am surprised that YOU are the one talking to me. You know what we're saying to you, but we know what you're saying as well. Of course, that means when you're contrary, we understand you clearly. You've been saying "I won't do that" or "no it's not" - basically arguing with us. You ask for fruit snacks often, even in the mornings at 6:30. I always tell you "No candy for breakfast" and you told me "I want candy RIGHT NOW!" - of course you got a swat on the butt and a reminder that you will NOT be speaking to us like that. So much personality, and so little fear.
     Sometimes I wonder how hard I will have to (figuratively) push you to get you to listen. You're not easily upset by discipline. I find myself wondering if I really have to be even harder on you to get your attention. Of course, that makes me think about how hard I "force" the Lord to discipline me before I listen sometimes too. Guess that stubborn streak you have didn't just come from your dad.
     I know you're going to be an awesome person. I also know we're going to have to really stick with consistent rules and expectations to get you to stay awesome and not go bat shit crazy when you hit those teen years. Oh, Lord, I am already thinking about you being a teenager. This is where I will stop this month.

We love you sweet baby boy!

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