Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gage - Four Months Old

Dear Little Curtis:
Every month it seems like there's more and more that you do! I'm glad I waited to write you this month, because you've been pretty awesome since your 4 month birthday, and I want you to know it.

First of all, this month you've really turned into your own little person. That means you've been much more persistent with wanting what you want when you want it. Also, you're a huge flirt. Seriously, could you be more charming with the ladies? You crack me up. We went to Fellowship again last week, and it had been a while because we were visiting elsewhere, and there was snow, oh and the time we missed because we forgot about Daylight Savings, even though the news and everyone else in the world kept reminding us. Anyway, the lady in the nursery that took you said "Oh, Gage is my favorite, he's gotten so big since I saw him last." And, when we picked you up, all the nursery workers were saying how cute and charming you were being. Why do you think I married your dad? You got that from him.

Secondly, you have started laughing. Not just the little giggles we got before, but like full on toothless mouth wide open laughing. I sat you in your dad's lazy boy, and you were just so amused that you laughed the hardest we've ever seen or heard you laugh. Your little feet are constantly moving, and when you're impatient to be fed or picked up, you stomp your right foot. You've also figured out how to put your feet "just so" in the bouncer that you push and turn yourself nearly out of the seat. Yes, you're independent and stubborn. But, you're also a world class cuddle munch.

You have been sleeping in your big boy crib the past few nights. And by sleeping I mean you'll sleep in there until you wake up the first time. And, I am noticing a marked difference in how much you're waking up to eat at night. You're still waking up the same amount, but you're not trying to have a bottle until the morning. So, now, we just have to get you to go back to sleep on your own in the night. I won't lie, I love cuddling with you when you're sleeping. I know that will only last so long. You'll be "too big" too soon. And, then you won't let me kiss you when I drop you off at kindergarten. Or college.

You're so alert, but you always have been. And, very social. You tried cereal, banana, and prunes this month. Prunes were a horrible idea, since it looked like chocolate smeared on your face. It actually looked worse than chocolate, but this is a PG blog. You like to eat. So, the cereal was awesome. And, you smacked your lips on the banana mush. Just when we think you're going to drive us nuts, you bust out with these huge smiles. Your face is perpetually stuck in a open mouth, gummy smile most of the day. You hate a pacifier, but you love your fingers. You have found your thumb a few times, and I can see you sucking away at it for a few seconds every once in a while.

Today, we bought some bikes and a bike trailer for you. I know you'll love it. You're sleeping better at night. Eating more when you eat. I love you. Your dad loves you. I think I finally got the hang of this. Thank you for being so patient with us.


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  1. I'm sure you're saving these in print so Gage will have a scrapbook of them to express your motherly feelings very well!

    Love you forever,

    Granny J