Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ten points for Gage!

This week, Gage has proven that he's a big boy now. He DID have that total meltdown in rush hour traffic, but then Friday, he totally hung out with us at dinner and then even stayed up to say hi to Rachel and Jason before he went to sleep with hardly a peep. And, then he spent 3 hours at the Allen High School Tallenettes Spring Showcase without having a cow. He's been so hilarious with smiles and laughs and so much personality.
Yeah, our kid rocks. And, the unfortunate side effect to that is baby fever. But, that ain't gonna happen this year, friends! Do you hear me, Curtis?? Mom?? You hear me??

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  1. Three to four years apart makes a good transition time for the little, hang in there, Jodie! You, too, Curtis! Just remember that in today's (and who knows what will be in just a few years) economy it costs almost a million dollars to raise a child from infancy to adulthood. Lots of cash in anyone's language! Not to say the monetary disadvantages should weigh heavier than the advantages of having children, but it should come into thought, at least!