Tuesday, April 6, 2010

less and less

I swear, this kid needs me less and less. And, I am totally ok with that. He is so good at playing and entertaining himself. Don't judge me. I spend a lot of time all up in his face playing and reading and singing and generally being silly. But, thank God I can set him down to cook dinner, wash some dishes, or post a blog. He's also great in public. Really, he should be more worried about me embarassing him in public than vice versa. He's so alert and charming.

RANDOM: I have definitely made it through the rain (thank you Barry Manilow, the love of my childhood life ((and thanks mom for introducing me to him)) for all the inspiration). Another blog I've been debating on sharing, and I think I have finally edited it enough in my mind that I can share it without monetizing the drama. I hate giving credence to something. I hate allowing something worthless any moments of thought in my life. But, it's going to be more about progress than the past.

Gage is a talker. And, he's so dramatic. Don't know where that all comes from! Tonight, he will be sleeping in his own room in his crib. I've been letting him play a bit in there from time to time, to develop a positive connotation with the crib. he loves his room anyway. You can leave him on the floor on a blanket and he will just kick and giggle like some one is entertaining him. Not that I do that. Of course, because I am a perfect mother who never has to leave her child in another room for a 10 minute pep talk about how it will NOT help to sell him to Jennifer for $4.50. But I digress. He's about outgrown his bassinet, as well as his welcome in our room. :) How did I make this decision? He kicked his little legs so much that he uprooted the mattress in the bassinet. Big boys sleep in big beds! Also, I cuddled up to Curtis last night and it occurred to me that Gage sleeping in our room affects the pillow talk time. And, you know what I mean (MIND OUT OF GUTTER!). It's those last few moments before sleep where you talk about whatever. We usually end up giggling too loud, and Gage grunts and we have to "shhhhhhhhhh!".

Like it says on the homepage...Motherhood is the only job you can suck at for the first 90 days, and not get fired. ALSO: You can't quit. Think about this before you make the sexy time kids! Gage would be happy to scream in an enclosed space with you for an hour if you need a bit more serious warning.

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  1. Jeremy and I highly considered the $4.50 deal.