Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thought DUMP!

Wow. I've got a lot on my mind, and a lot to do before I pick up Gage from MDO at 2. So, I really needed to just spill my thoughts here so I can focus on the cleaning and the projects I have planned for today.

Where to start? Um, Tuesday night we went to my in-laws and had burgers on the grill. My brother in law and his wife were there too. It's always fun with family because everyone wants a turn with Gage, and he's so social he loves it. Plus, it gets him out of my hands for a bit. I think he needs a break from me sometimes. Like, I'm just mommy, not too exciting. He gets all wiggly when I take him somewhere.

Yesterday, we went to MOPS group and then all the mommies stayed and fed their kids lunch and Gage and I hung out and talked and he played on the floor with some other babies and I got to have adult conversation with other moms who have infants. Then, we all went to the park around the corner, and played for an hour or so. Again, the three littlest ones, including Gage, sat and played in the grass while the mommies supervised and talked. Here's a big shock: this is the first time I have ever gone to the park on a playdate. I've always thought Gage was too young to care. Oh, well, he cares now. Mr. Social is just like his parents. He thrives in a social setting. He loves seeing things and watching the other kids play on the playground. He's not a baby anymore it seems. It was one of the best days I've had as a mom.

Then, last night, he went to bed around 7:45pm and I heard some sounds around 10:30 but I waited it out, and he went back to sleep....until 4:45am. I flew out of bed around 4:20 when I woke up to realize he hadn't woken up! I ran in and slowly peeked in his crib...he was sleeping on his tummy. Little boy can roll around and get comfortable now. Stop with the growing up, Gage!!!!

Tuesday night on the way home, Curtis got a phone call from a previous co-worker/friend who helps run a courier service based in Richardson. I met with him and two other decision makers about a year ago when I was working as a Recruiter/Sales in Staffing. They were considering hiring someone, and joked that they would hire someone like me when they were ready. Well, they are looking for someone part time, it seems. So, Curtis's friend calls and asks if I am still interested in working part time. And, I think I am. Because Gage has been going to MDO for two days a week for a couple of months, and he loves it. And, to be honest, I accomplish more when I have a LOT to accomplish. I am driven by results, and I am driven by deadlines and stress. I get more done when I have little time to do it. So, my house isn't as clean as it use to be, because I have all this free time. Of course, I would be blogging anyway.

So, while it may seem that I don't need to take on MORE. I think that having a little time outside of the house with something to DO will make me a better wife and mother. I've known this about myself, but kind of felt guilty for wanting to do it all. I like to be busy. But, it's also easy to let things slide out of balance when you take on too much. I feel like now is the time to start adding things back to my plate. I'm sure Curtis would say that I could add housekeeping to my plate all I want. HAHA. My life is full in a heart sense, but not full enough for my mind. Plus, to be completely shallow, having extra money won't hurt. We are SOO blessed because Curtis works hard and provides for us financially on his own. He's amazing. I could never take on financial responsibility like he does. So, I think it would be nice to bring home a little slice of bacon to give us extra money for more fun things. Believe me, we don't go without. And, I'm not just saying we make it by with just the bare necessities. We live a very nice, comfortable life.

And, then, a positive sister in law says she would like to watch Gage during the week. So, there's an answer to the childcare worry if I did get a part time job. So, maybe we are on to something here.

Ok, I gotta get hoppin onto other things.

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