Monday, April 26, 2010

Gage's Accomplishments

This week has been full of things you've done that are completely awesome. First of all, we FINALLY saw your roll from back to tummy yesterday. I know you've done this at least 3 times before. Twice at night when I left you on the floor to get a new set of jammies for you, and I came back and you were on your tummy. I think you cheated and used your feet against the night stand. But, then Sunday afternoon, you were on the floor in the living room, and of course, I walked away, and your dad was sitting with his feet up in the recliner, so you weren't in our line of vision. I came back, and you were on your tummy. Again, with the sneakiness!
Then, we were all on the back porch, and I laid you down because you were being so silly and wiggly on my lap and I figured you could use the exercise. And, boom, there you go, right over to your tummy. We cheered so loud it scared you and made you cry for a second.
And, today, you have already taken two naps. And, it's only 2:15. You rock. You've alse been sleeping better at night. Not that you're not waking up, but you are sleeping from 7pm til about 8:15am with a couple of wake ups for food. And, you like to wake up around 5:30 and be awake until Daddy leaves for work, then take a bottle and go back to sleep with me til 8am. I love you for this early morning wake up and subesequent sleep til a NORMAL time. You're always super adorable this early hour too.
I can barely keep you fed these days. You're eating constantly it seems. But, you're also going longer without eating at night, so it makes sense. You put everything into your mouth to chew on. You seem to have found your thumb some days, but I never see you sucking, always just chewing. We are thinking about buying you a really big dog bone for your 5 month birthday. Of course, that will be after the Tequila shot celebration.
You're never a disappointment in social settings. You've always got a smile and giggle for people who want to talk to you. You play well and you like to show off. You're so aware and alert and curious. You're very interested in the out doors, and I think you'll love going camping in a couple of weeks.
You've also been making new sounds. Like this lovely clearing your throat sound. I'm thinking you're going to say your own name first with that sound! That would be a snarky thing to do. Skip the "mama"/"dada" contest and start with your own name. You LOVE your dad though. I think you'll say dad first. You've been sticking your tongue out like a little lizard, and sometimes you will mimic us if we stick out our tongues. You like to watch us eat and drink too.
Man, you'll be 20 weeks old tomorrow. 5 months in that sense. I don't recall giving you permission to turn into a little boy, and not be a baby anymore, but you've gone and done it. Oh, and one more thing, you're not big on crying. You prefer to yell when you're not happy. Screeching, screaming, but mostly genuine deep voiced yelling. It's a great way to communicate.
I love you.
Love, Mommy

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  1. Your description of his antics delights me...he is such an adorable little guy! Keep up the good work.