Thursday, May 20, 2010

3 Days

We have been at home for 3 days. I mean relatively at home. But, 3 days in a row is unusual, and has thrown off the schedule and routine. More, it's thrown me off my routine with just me and Gage. But, it's been SO NICE to share Gage's needs with Curtis all day. So, I don't have to rush in the shower, I can cook a more elaborate dinner, I can go grocery shopping ALONE. I might be getting spoiled. But, also keep in mind, I missed Gage so much on Monday, and we haven't really had any Mommy & Me time alone this week. That kid is awesome. He's such a blessing and a joy. He loves to roll around the floor and giggle at the dogs.

Truck update: they called us at 7:45 this morning when the owner got there and saw Curtis's truck in the parking lot. Yeah, BECAUSE WE HAD TO HAVE IT TOWED, YOU JERKS. Surprise! You didn't fix it. Cool. We are already regretting that we took it to them, because we could have paid $400 more locally, and had it done in ONE DAY. 3 missed days of work, and probably tomorrow as well. Nothing like an unpaid vacation to annoy you. Thank the Lord that He always provides for our needs. One way or another. And, I won't go off about the truck thing until it's complete. THEN, I will smear their good name in this blog.

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