Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gage: Five Months Old

Dear Monkey Toes,
I cannot even believe that I am already writing your five month letter. You are totally a little person now. There are so many things you have done this month. Your capacity for development grows each month as you grow. You are ALL OVER THE PLACE now. I have started putting you down on the floor on a large blanket and let you roll around and kick and giggle. Oh, and you love it. You laugh so hard. You are so happy, and you're so independent too! You've found your voice in the past week of this month. You scream for the heck of it now. Today, in fact, I was rocking you to sleep for your early morning nap, and you squealed a terrible, ear piercing high pitched squeal and surprised yourself and me! It makes me laugh when you get crazy. And, you laugh at everything. You roll all over the floor, you giggle at the dogs, you chuckle at your dad, you appreciate my completely insane dancing and singing. You've tasted a few new things this month. You've tasted BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes, cinnamon roll icing, a chip, a pickle, a frency fry, a slurpee from QT, water, lime juice, and one bbq baked bean.
You have started blowing bubbles and making "zerberts" on my arm or face if you get your mouth closed around something. You grab our faces and give us slimey, open- mouthed kissies.
You have been going to Mother's Day Out since February. This past week was your last week there. Mommy is going back to work part time, and Aunt Miranda is going to watch you for a few hours each day. And, yes, we are paying her. No one should have to watch a kid not their own for free. Even if they're as awesome as you are. :) I don't know how it will all work out, but it's a trial run. I am planning on pushing back your bedtime a little bit (right now you've been going to bed at 7pm) to see if you will sleep in a bit in the morning so we can get out the door before you get tired and grumpy again. I am hoping to do this for a few months, and then maybe when they want to hire someone full time, I will leave there and go back to teaching classes at the gym. Your teachers were sad you were leaving school.
Tomorrow is my first real mother's day. You were in my tummy, still walnut sized, last mother's day. I did celebrate last year. Your dad got me some perfume and good stuff like that. But, this is the real deal. I will always be reminded that you've made me something I could never have been without you...a Mom. I am spending the day with you, and I can't believe how blessed I am to have you. You've changed my life and turned my world upside down. I see so many other women who want to be mommies, and they can't. How did I get so lucky? Because I know I will always fail you on occasion. I want to do what's best for you each and every day. I base my decisions on your meal and naptimes. I would rather go shopping for clothes and toys to make you smile than buy new shoes for myself. You've challenged my selfish nature and made me realize what's important in life. You filled up all the empty places I had left with your smile. I didn't think I could be happier and so much in love after I met your dad and got married to him. I didn't think any man would ever steal my heart again. But, you have increased my ability to love, to serve, and to give. I felt like my life was complete when I married your daddy. And, then you came along and showed us what we were missing. Now that you're here, we could never be the same. You made us parents, and you made us a family.
You've accomplished so much this month. You've accomplished more in 5 months than most people have in their whole lives. Because God took these two imperfect people and made them parents. A mommy and daddy for YOU.
I am so filled with delight to watch you learn and grow. You get really focused on something, and I can just see the wheels turning in your head as you figure out the world around you. You will furrow your little brow and concentrate hard at something new, and then smile. When you're laying on your tummy and you start to get mad because you're tired of it, you will pull your knees up under you, straighten one arm, and then topple over to your back. I think you're going to be crawling in the next couple of months. You're strong. And plenty of people have commented on it. It's not just my biased opinion. You were lifting your head as soon as you came out of my belly, so I think you were a step or two ahead on the physical development!
Gage, you're the best kid we could have ever hoped for. We love you so much. Happy Five Months of life!
Love, Mommy

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