Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Contains Explicit Lyrics

Oh good Lord! Where to start? Um, how about with a weekend worrying about Curtis's transmission needing replaced. And, so on Monday we were calling around to find a place to take it to have it fixed. And by fixed, I mean a completely new transmission, or at least the rebuilding of one. So, he takes it to Greenville to have it worked on. They quoted us about $400 less than local places, so it was worth the drive. Plus, it's right around the corner from my in-laws.

Anyway, he drops it off Monday afternoon, and they say they hope to have it done by Wednesday morning. So, at least one full day and probably half a day of missed work. And, then we call this morning and are told "call us after 1 and we will see where we are at. hopefully it will be done by the end of the day). So, around noon we head out to my in-laws to hang out and hope it's done soon.

At 1:30 they say they're putting it back in, and will call us when they're done. We call back at 4. It's not ready. "Call back around 5:15" they say. We call, and they finally say it's ready. That makes two full days of missed work. So, we pack up, get in the car, and go pay for the repairs. Curtis stops to get gas, and then we get on the highway at nearly 6 o'clock.

Let me remind you that we are toting our five month old son along. He slept on the way there, and he tried to take a nap in the afternoon, but it just didn't happen. And, he cried the entire drive home. In Rowlett, I had to stop and get out with Gage at CVS to walk around and get a break from the crying. He was just sooo tired, and I know he missed being home. He's been away from home a lot lately. We walked around, and I had called Curtis and told him to go ahead and go home because it's been such a long day. Curtis had pulled over to wait for us, and when he tried to put his truck in gear, it wouldn't switch into any gear except for Reverse. Bastards!

So, then its already AFTER 7, and we have to call a tow truck to tow from Firewheel back to Greenville. The transmission place will be getting THAT bill. They're also not ansering any calls. Not even a place to leave a message. Which is probably good because Gage did not need to hear the things I wanted to say to them. ALSO: we were suppose to be going to dinner for our good friend Jason's birthday around the corner at 7, and we totally had to miss it. And, we felt like shitheads. And, I have no intention of cooking dinner, so beers it is! Add a lime for a fruit serving!

Gage went to bed at 8. Poor kid. He was just happy to be home with his Exersaucer and some cartoons while he had his bottle. Too bad I finished that bottle of wine on Monday. Note, tomorrow is another day of missed work, and Curtis and I haven't spent time much time together in a while. Please bring me a beer. Ok, I haven't even had one beer. Blogging is my cheap relaxation. Which shows how horrible Monday was that I had TWO glases of wine and half a beer before 9pm.

My eye is starting to twitch. I think I am going to eat some cereal or maybe some ramen noodles and stare into space while I try and forget today.

Tomorrow, we go back to Greenville to get the damn truck. And the $150 we paid for towing. Mother Truckers!!

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