Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yesterday Curtis and I were giving each other a hard time about our respective jobs and responsibilities. I had left my coffee cup on the computer desk, and he was at the computer and said
"Gee, I wish I had time to sit at the computer and drink a cup of coffee. And, look, you only drank half."
My response, "Yeah, I only had time to drink HALF A CUP OF COFFEE while I was doing marketing for (y)our business yesterday morning."

Via text message in the late morning.
Me: "Your son is VERY talkative today"

Several hours later we're trying to watch a Netflix movie and Gage is squealing and squawking, Curtis looks at me exasperated and all I ask is "Didn't you get my text message?"

And, this morning, I woke up around 2:30 to discover the baby monitor was turned off, and I went to check on Gage, and I felt pretty bad about it, even though he sleeps until 4:30 or so. WHen Curtis got out of the shower, I asked him if he had turned off the baby monitor and his reply "NO. I would never ever do that!".
So, apparently I am the bad parent, and I turned it off in my sleep. Subconcious action? :)

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