Friday, June 18, 2010

yo gabba gabba - gage's mistress

Gage and I were playing in the breakfast nook/office together yesterday. He was crawling on me and giving me slobber kisses, when all of a sudden, the music changed on TV and he stopped and leaned toward the sound. Our TV isn't visible from the computer, but you can obviously hear what's on. And, what does he do...he starts trying to turn around in my lap.

It took about 8 more seconds of music before I hear "Yo gabba gaaaabbaaaaaaaaa!" and I figure out what's on TV. So, I take Gage into the living room (he hasn't watched the show in quite a while because I got tired of it, and he's usually napping when it comes on at noon) and I put him on his bottom to sit up like a big boy, and he immediately looks at the TV and starts smiling. And, I am SO offended. He picked THAT show over kissing and cuddling with mommy. But, here he is, so cute and big boy-like with his blonde head, I couldn't say no.

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