Monday, June 7, 2010

Gage: Six Months Old

Dear Big Boy,
You are no longer always a baby. Some days you're a little boy now. You've gotten big, and I think this past month you've shown the greatest amount of progress between "birthdays".

You've had a lot more "firsts" in the past month. You've eaten a lot of new foods. You went swimming in the pool. You're laughing even harder. You've started throwing fits. You spit. You can drink from a sippy cup. You're sleeping pretty well. I DO think we're about to hit the hardcore teething days really soon. I also would like you to know that I still have another 7 lbs to lose, and your nap schedule has made it hard to get to the gym lately.

You're reaching for everything. Cups, toys, the dogs, dirty diapers I just took off of you, my slice of pizza. You just figured out you can stretch and reach the floor with one foot in your walker and push yourself backwards. Your dad saw you take one crawl and face plant yesterday. So, I know crawling is just around the corner. Scooter will LOVE when you're mobile. Then he will have to hide from you on our bed or somwhere equally unreachable by you. I'm pretty sure HE is the reason you will pop up and start crawling any day now. You want to get your hands on him so badly.
You respond to me saying "bounce" when you're in your exersaucer. You think it's funny when I made an idiot of myself dancing, singing, crawling (to set the example, of course!) and jumping around. You somehow manage to get stuck under the coffee table on a regular basis.

You are VERY interested in everything. We love to watch you in "discovery mode". You're everywhere, and we can't look away for a second. You've learned how to flip onto your tummy in the bath tub. You've started spitting. You're six months old!!!

I just can't believe we have a son, and he's already six months old. If you want to speed up time, have a kid. Then every day of memories is new and goes by way too quickly.

Gage, you've turned my whole world into something new. I see things from your perspective. And, it's taught me what's important. Like squirrels and bananas. And rolling across the living room. And splashing water out of the tub. And not wearing any clothes. (ok, you play naked, mommy doesn't)

I took you to the pet store yesterday, and your eyes popped out of your head to see all the puppies and bunnies and fish. I can barely keep you fed these days. You're eating constantly it seems. But, you go for several hours at night without eating, so it makes sense. You are concerned with what we are eating, and I think you're figuring out that you're getting screwed when it comes to the cereal and jars of baby food.

I am just overwhelmed with all the things that have happened this month. You're getting sooo big, and I can't wrap my mind around it. You get angry when I force you to hold still when I change your diaper. And the spitting...usually when you're angry. You get crazy in the saucer when you're hungry. Speaking of eating: you sit in your high chair like a big boy and open your mouth like a bird when i get te bowl and spoon out with your cereal in it. And, you smacked the bowl out of my hand the other day and splattered cereal across the floor. Scooter likes you a little more because of that.

You scream for fun. You try to sit up when you're laying down or in your car seat. You reach your arms up to get picked up by us when we come to get you. You're constantly happy. You love people. You love yourself. I think we're the luckiest parents to have a kid like you. We couldn't ask for a more special, wonderful son.

Thank you for all you've taught me. For all your kisses. For cuddling with me at bedtime and patting my face to wake me up after our early morning nap together. Thank you for being such a good baby in public. You've always got a smile for strangers. Thank you for making us parents. And thanks for not firing me for sucking at this job.

Love, Mommy

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