Sunday, June 27, 2010

What an insane 2 weeks!

Hmm...I think I have to start with Gage crawling. He started scooting around on June 16th, and he's only made huge leaps and bounds of progress since. I've frantically had to baby proof the house. Meaning I have:
-Vacuumed and mopped practically every other day.
-Picked up all cords (like the cable cord) and hung them on something to get them at least a foot off the ground.
-We've starting putting our shoes in chairs, or on the mantle. Which leads me to...
-I pushed the couch against our fireplace mantle. We have a pretty substantial brick mantle in our living room, and we don't use the fireplace in the summer, if you can believe that!
-Pulled a receipt, and a Reese's foil wrapper from his mouth.
-Brought the Pack 'n' Play into the office to contain him when I need 5 minutes on the computer without wondering what he's got in his mouth.

It's been pretty crazy to adjust to his mobility. He loves it. He can get after the dogs, follow me into the kitchen, crawl under his exersaucer, and generally get into everything possible!
He's gotten interested in sitting in his high chair to hang out while I wash dishes (because something has gone terribly wrong with our dishwasher the past couple of days) or cook. He's so big, playing by himself. He's gotten s few bumps here and there with the crawling. A scrape on the knee, and a bruise on his big head from the coffee table. But, he's a tough kid! At his 6 month check up, everything was great with him. He weighed 19 lbs 8 oz, and is 27 inches tall! The round of shots he got seemed to affect him more this time, making him tired and cranky and whiney for two full days. YUCK!

He does not want to be held as much, now that he can get around on his own. That makes me sad. He's gotten a little belligerent with his new found freedom. He's arching his back to be put down, he doesn't want to be rocked. He's also been waking up a little more at night, which I feel is a direct test of my tough love abilities. He knows how to put himself to sleep at night, (because we taught him that at a very young age) and he knows how to put himself BACK to sleep if he wakes up. So, I may check on him but I won't pick him up. Of course, I am battling the pee pee leaking diapers, but I am trying out the Huggies Overnights tonight. Cross your fingers for me!

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