Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Can't Complain??

It has occurred to me that some people might feel like I have no right to complain about poop or sleepless-ness since I have the blessing of staying home with my son. My question: Do YOU love every single minute of YOUR job? Because that's what this is. My job. The one I don't get paid for.

I love the hell out of my life. It's crazy, it's awesome, it's stressful, it's full of shit sometimes. I get to stay home ALL DAY with my son. I don't even have to put on pants if I don't need to go anywhere!!!!! And, I haven't mentioned this to anyone yet, but we MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT be renting a little house instead of moving to another apartment. It's all in God's hands right now, but it would be an opportunity to help support some missionaries to China by renting their home while they're gone for 2 years. This is me being excited about having a back yard for the puppies and Gage. That's probably the #1 thing I am most excited about.

So, I am going to be honest. I do NOT love every minute of my job. It's not always a blast to clean poop off baby feet at 4am, or scrub a belly full of baby food throw up off a wooden high chair. You can pretend like you love your job all the time. Or you can get real and join the rest of us on EARTH.

But, dang it, this is the best thing I've ever gotten to do. So, be jealous. :)

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  1. Most people never understood how I could love being a stay-at-home mom. What I always knew was that until you experience it, you just can't understand it. :)

    I like reading about your life and it's a true joy to see you so happyily enjoying wifedom and motherhood. :)