Monday, September 13, 2010

I missed him...this time

This past week, we started MDO, had a date night with MOPS, and we shipped Gage off to grandma's over the weekend.

It was probably the most I've been away from Gage in the course of a week. Of course, he was teething ferociously, so by Friday night I was ready to send him to grandma's! I even said that to him, and Curtis kind of called me out, reminding me that when he's just a little older, he will understand my words, but not my meaning yet. ("I wish you were already at Grandma's" TRANSLATION "I am desperate for a break, and I am so thankful he's getting to spend some time with grandma") Oh how humbling parenthood is.

Curtis and I spent some time together this weekend just hanging out. Doing NOTHING. I slept until 9:30 on Sunday morning without one peep in the night. Except I had a dream I was telling everyone I was pregnant before I knew for sure with a positive test. And, NO, I am not pregnant right now. After the beginning of next year, ask me again. But, I really missed Gage this time. Maybe because he had been away from me so much this week. Maybe because I felt bad for what I had said in frustration. Nonetheless, I couldn't wait to squeeze his cankles!

I finally went back to work for the BIL today. I'd been bumming around with the move, and teething and the torrential rain last week as excuses - all valid ones, of course. But, I am glad I made myself get back up and do it again. I enjoy having a reason to get out of the house, and it helps him with his business, and I make a few bucks. Ones I am saving for our anniversary this December. (and Gage's birthday, and Christmas, and everything else!) Plus, Gage likes to play with their dogs. They're very patient and NON-growling (ahem to Scooter, here!!!!). Ironically, as much as Scooter hates Gage, I swear I heard him look at that dog and say "Coo" like he's saying Scooter's name. My mom heard it too.

There's still crap to unpack. But, I feel like a MONTH is the cut off for having this sort of organizing done...I have about 14 days exactly. Help me, Jesus!

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  1. 4 years and I still have a couple boxes I haven't unpacked...