Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poop, Poop, and Poop

So, we had a GREAT first real weekend in our house, and we had our friends Rachel and Jason over kind of last minute, which was cool of them to do, since we didn't plan ahead well. Curtis grilled ribs (he's the Grill Master, guys!) and Gage slept a lot this weekend. He's getting so big...like in a grown up way. More about him tomorrow for his 9 month letter.

We started MDO today, and had a great first day. Gage even napped there, so it proves how well adjusted he is. However, my morning started out not so great.

Yesterday, we gave the dogs a couple of rib bones in the back yard. Well, evidently they over-ate because Curtis didn't take them out before he left for work due to the rain (they're total pansies like that) and well, there was poop everywhere when I got up at 7am. I got up, stepped in some, started to hop to the bathroom to wash it off, and then decided it was better to get Gage somewhere safe first. So, I am yelling at the dogs, carrying the baby away and set him down. I get the poop off our bedroom floor, and I walk into the living room and the little blind dog is pooping about 12 inches away from Gage in the dining room. So, then I am LIVID, and I try and grab her and she runs under the coffee table, and Scooter runs into the bathroom to get away from me (he's very sensitive to my yelling, although after 3 years, you'd think he's have adjusted to it) so I grab paper towels and get the poop AGAIN, and move Gage AGAIN and when I go to move the coffee table to get Jinx, she poops in fear and I throw them both in the backyard.

However, I hadn't seen her final poop, and when I came rushing back in, Gage HAD A TURD IN HIS HANDS. Let me say it again...my precious, sweet faced angel baby had an effing dog turd in his clean sweet, soft little hands. (I had to stop and gather myself after typing that.) I started crying "no, no, not the poop!!!" and I carried him into the bathroom and shook his hands as clean of the poop as I could and then ran the bathtub so I could use the detachable shower head to spray them and washed his hands a few times with antibacterial soap. (Meanwhile the dogs are outside in the rain suffering, and they're lucky I didn't leave them out there. And hope that they found a hole in the fence.) I am still shuddering!

The ONLY thing I can think is...thank God we have wood floors and I could scrub the germs off. NOT how I wanted to start my morning. I called Curtis to let him know he owed me big time...like a pedicure or something. But, I ended up getting Gage some new clothes because someone should APOLOGIZE to that kid for the fact that he played with dog crap today.

Tomorrow...Gage's nine month letter. Wow.

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